How the Rich are Destroying the Earth, Paperback Book

How the Rich are Destroying the Earth Paperback

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A bestseller in France, and already translated into Spanish, Italian, Greek, and Korean, Herve Kempf's How the Rich Are Destroying the Earth now appears in its first English edition.

In this important primer on the link between global ecology and the global economy, Kempf makes the following observations: First, that the planet's ecological situation is growing ever worse, despite the efforts of millions of engaged citizens around the world. And second, despite environmentalists' emphasis that 'we're all in the same boat', the world's economic elites - who continue to benefit by plundering the environment - have access to 'lifeboats' that insulate them from the resulting catastrophes.

Societies have not been able to effectively combat the expanding ecological crisis because it is intimately linked to the social crisis in which the ruling form of capitalism has been organized to impede democratic initiatives.

This link explains the failure to make progress against the greatest emergency of our time, because in this relationship the oligarchy plays an essential and destructive role.

For this reason, solving the ecological crisis depends on disrupting the power of the world's elite. We cannot understand the entwined ecological and social crises, Kempf argues, if we don't see them as the two sides of the same disaster - a disaster that comes from a system piloted by a dominant social strata that has no drive other than greed, no ideal other than conservatism, no dream other than technology.

But Kempf also calls for measured optimism: 'Despite the scale of the challenges that await us, solutions are emerging and - faced with the sinister prospects the oligarchs promote the desire to remake the world is being reborn.'




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Amazingly accurate assessment of an old subject brought back to the forefront by this author. We don't have to search far and long to see that the examples of the ongoing environmental catastrophes given are happening now, right under our noses and presented in plain sight for all to see. It is similar to the industrial revolution after the civil war, then on to the overgrowth and wealth accumulation at the beginning of the 20th century. There is a problem...the planet was at least able to weather the ecological devestations at the current rate the earth along with its people can't keep up nor can it clean itself sufficiently to contain the onslaught. Old problems coming back to haunt activists on the sidelines are....the greedy gluttons known as the hyper rich reaping billions off the earths pillage, followed by the second tier rich wannabees .... increased poverty and inequality in the first, second, third and fourth world countries....possible shakeups of the global economic system... In an effort to protect itself , the hyper rich have instituted such safeguards as, blocking journalistic reporting of a perfected nuclear bomb, the B61-11, criminalizing protests of the anti GMO reapers, development of RFID'S, increased usage of prison, and then CONTROL OF THE MEDIA, And this ones for all the Africans Americans who accuse unjustifiably those activist as being whiners.....There are, data bank catalogs of genetic signatures mainly of blacks, 11.9 % of prisoners of African descent 25-29 years are captured behind bars, state of the emergency testing programs such as those practiced during Katrina and the ghetto riots in France. And anyone at anytime can be on the payroll...(V. Jordan) and (A. Young). Great comeback, great update and hope that it spurs interests then global action...