Paranormal : The Unknown, the Unexplained and Centuries-old Mysteries, Paperback Book

Paranormal : The Unknown, the Unexplained and Centuries-old Mysteries Paperback


It is human nature to be fascinated by that which cannot be easily explained.

The land is marked by standing stones and ancient burial sites whose inner secrets remain tantalisingly beyond our reach but seem to have a power that is as ancient as the earth it flows through.

Strange lights in the sky: are they orbiting satellites or evidence of alien life?

Glowing mists, fireballs and unearthly spectres - natural phenomena or mystical occurrence?

Beasts, too big to be mere wildcats, have been spotted on moors and in forests alien to such creatures.

Loch monsters and mythical creatures seem to have a life beyond the stories that have kept them alive in our traditions for thousands of years. And there's that most universal mystery, the spirit world.

Almost every culture on earth has a theory about the world we depart to after death.

Fleeting sounds and sights from what seems to be world parallel to our own, messages from the dead, out-of-body experiences and hauntings - all are regularly reported and hold a perennial fascination. Learn about all of these subjects and the parapsychological theories behind them in Paranormal, a fascinating new volume about these phenomena that seen to lie outide the confines of scientific explanation.




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