Grand Conspiracy : Second Book of the Alliance of Light, Paperback Book

Grand Conspiracy : Second Book of the Alliance of Light Paperback

Part of the The Wars of Light and Shadow series

4.5 out of 5 (2 ratings)


Where there is light, there must always be shadow...

The fifth volume in Janny Wurts's spectacular epic fantasy, now re-released with a striking new cover design along with the rest of the series.The wars began when two half-brothers, gifted of light and shadow, stood shoulder to shoulder to defeat the Mistwraith.

Their foe cast a lifelong curse of enmity between them that has so far woven three bitter conflicts and uncounted deadly intrigues.It is a time of political upheavel, fanaticism and rampaging armies.

Distrust of sorcery has set off a purge of the talented mageborn - none reviled more than Arithon, Master of Shadow.

Through clever manipulation of events at the hands of his half-brother Lysaer, Lord of Light, Arithon's very name has become anathema.

Now the volatile hatreds that spearheaded the campaign against Shadow have overtaken all reason.Those that still stand in Arithon's desperate defence are downtrodden, in retreat and close to annihilation.

The stage is set for the ultimate betrayal.


  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 656 pages
  • Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
  • Publication Date:
  • Category: Fantasy
  • ISBN: 9780007102228

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Review by

Another wonderfully gripping and beguiling installment in the saga of Arithon and Lysaer. The opening third of the book concerns almost exclusively Lysaer, and the clan of s'bryedon as careful maneuverings attempt to determine loyalty and to seek such damage as can be plausibly denied. Lysaer has also the trade guilds to contend with, and must plan his actions to maximize the amount of revenue that can be garnered to build fortresses and raise armies even though there has been no sign of the "Spinner of Darkness" for many years. The remaining latter two thirds of the book deal with Arithon, drawn back to the mainland after 15 years of fruitless searching. He hears word that someone in the city of Jaelot has been arrested because of his likeness to himself. Jaelot being a city what he once almost destroyed, the citizens have little patience for truth, preferring bloodthirsty revenge. Interspersed within these plots we have the endless machinations of the Koriani, and the trails and travails that the Fellowship undergo to preserve the sanctity of Athera. The opening is perhaps a little slow, picking up from where Fugitive prince left off. But as the prophecy draws near and the Koriani plots mesh together the action and tensions rocket up. Particularly inventive plotting and writing allows the skipping over 12 years of maturation. I was also pleased by the deft handling of the aging of some characters and how societies change even though our protagonists are all effectively immortal. How this will impact their heirs remains to be seen. I barely noticed any shifts in viewpoint from character to character which has plagued some of the earlier books, and the continued practice of including snippets of minor character's lives at the chapter breaks works very well in tidying loose ends.A few plot holes - always annoying to find minor inconsistencies in what was otherwise such a carefully constructed and detailed world - The dragon skull wards; why are these a sudden surprise, their owners had been using them for years to avoid scrying. The slave barge interdict; this apparently throws trade into turmoil, but the use of slaves had only been around for a few years, why could the merchant's not revert to earlier practices. And if Slaves are against compact law, why could the Fellowship not simply block the practice over the entire continent. Moriel's plan; the Fellowship should have been able to guess what she was up to as she headed towards to the Skyshields, and have been much more prepared.A specific problem with this Ebook edition. It has been badly proofed. the text is all fine, but in many instance, especially for 50 pages or so around page 500 several words are run together without spaces, muchlikethis. Very annoying.Minor niggles aside it is hugely gratifying to read the 5th episode of a series without noticing any lessening of tension, style or shear enthralling grasp of the skillfully crafted world. Read them all.................................................................................

Review by

The fifth book in the overall arc The Wars of Light and Shadow, does not fail to deliver. Utilizing the magic of music and the music of language, the tale of how the Mistwraith twists Paravia, and its peoples continues.Her characterization continues to delight. And layers that make up the world of Paravia continue to be revealed as plots within plots are unstrung against not only the Master of Shadow, but against the sorcerers sworn to protect Paravia and against the protective spells guarding the world itself. Great epic fantasy, with depth and color and music.

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