At Zero : The Final Secrets to 'Zero Limits'       the Quest for Miracles Through                    Ho'oponopono, Hardback Book

At Zero : The Final Secrets to 'Zero Limits' the Quest for Miracles Through Ho'oponopono Hardback

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New stories and new processes that outline the fourth stage of awakening of ho'oponopono Author Joe Vitale's previous book, Zero Limits, presented a unique self-help breakthrough focused on helping overworked, overstressed individuals overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

It was the first book to explain how a secret Hawaiian method called ho'oponopono can help people experience health, wealth, happiness, and more.

It empowered thousands of readers to take control of everything in their lives in order to achieve all they ve ever dreamed of.

At Zero starts where Zero Limits left off. It offers new stories, explains new process, and reveals the fourth stage of awakening. * Explains the process called "cleaning," to delete programs and beliefs that you aren't aware of * Shows how repeating the phrases I love you, I'm sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you can help you reach Divinity Life will always present you with challenges.

The practice of ho'oponopono, as revealed by author Joe Vitale, guides you through the journey of life with the tools you need to rid yourself of hindrances and open yourself up to infinite possibilities.


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This long-awaited sequel to ”Zero Limits” is an enjoyable, illuminating read, as was the latter book.Joe writes in the same clear, simple style as before, though he is perhaps even more open and honest.He tells us about all sorts of negative things that came up after writing the first book. Among other things, he was being sued for 3 million dollars. Not until he cleaned and cleaned with the four phrases “Please forgive me, I’m sorry, Thank you, I love you” and understood the lesson he was to learn, did the problem go away. Joe had to take full responsibility for the issue. Issues are programmes that need to be deleted.We are given Mornah’s Cleansing Prayer. It was she who adapted the traditional Ho’oponopono practice of healing in a group to healing with yourself.The prayer is as follows:“Spirit, Superconscious, please locate the origin of my feelings, thoughts of (fill in the blank with your belief, feeling, or thoughts).Take each and every level, area and aspect of my being to this origin.Analyze it and resolve it perfectly with God’s truth.Come through all generations of time and eternity.Healing every incident and its appendages based on the origin.Please do it according to God’s will until I am at the present,Filled with light and truth.God’s peace and love, forgiveness of myself for my incorrect perceptions.Forgiveness of every person, place, circumstances and events which contributed to this, these feelings and thoughts.”This is to be used for clearing bonds. We are to say the prayer four times whenever we want to release something.“… we have ties to others, and emotion makes them stronger. If we want to release them, we have to release ourselves. To release ourselves, we do Ho’oponopono, saying the script above.”The problem is always in us, not the other person. We need to delete the data in ourselves.Joe discusses differences in the viewpoints of Mornah and Dr. Hew Len.Everything is alive, including tables, chairs, rugs and rooms. Joe himself experienced a guitar he had bought seeming to tell him a song, after which he now talks to his guitars.We are given the Ho’oponopono Prayer in the Foreword, but in my view there is some confusion as to whether the Ho’oponopono Prayer or the Cleansing Prayer is best for severing chords and releasing data.“… practicing Ho’oponopono is clearing all mental needs and inherited memories so that you hear inspiration when it calls you.”Joe helped his mother survive in a critical situation and get out of hospital by means of the method, though he wasn’t able to cure her.There’s a chapter on new clearing methods, e.g. the use of blue solar water and visualizing your problem and using the edge of your business card to slice it up. I don’t know if it has to be a business card. Cigars can be a clearing tool. But personally I wouldn’t begin to smoke them, since I believe that is bad for the lungs. Neither would I follow Hew Len’s advice about licking M&Ms!? as a clearing tool. (Is he kidding us?) He also says eating sugar and chocolate can clear data. Well, perhaps, if you really believe it can. I won’t use that method either.There’s also a chapter called “The big fat lie” questioning/discussing whether or not Hew Len really cured all those mental patients as he claimed.There’s a valuable interview with Joe in Appendix C. I found the repetitious Appendix F impossible to get through. For me the most valuable part of the book was Appendix G, Success stories. Reading about other people’s successes with Ho’oponopono really encourages you to believe in its efficacy and keep on doing it yourself. Personally, I now just use the phrases “Thank you” and “I love you”, Hew Len having informed us that this is sufficient. I’ve also read somewhere else in quite another context than Ho’oponopono how beneficial it is to use these phrases. Also Dr. Emoto of water crystal fame has demonstrated the amazing effects on water of positive phrases like “I love you” and since our body contains such a large percentage of water (at least if we drink enough) this may actually explain how saying the phrase is of such benefit to us.Finally, I thought I had read somewhere that the book contained a chapter that would help us achieve enlightenment, Perhaps I am mistaken and it was some other book. At any rate, I have not found any such chapter, and I have not become enlightened.Nevertheless, I would recommend that you read the book. It makes enjoyable reading and is inspiring and informative.

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