Captain Marvel Volume 1: Higher, Further, Faster, More, Paperback Book

Captain Marvel Volume 1: Higher, Further, Faster, More Paperback

3.5 out of 5 (4 ratings)


  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 136 pages, 1 Illustrations, unspecified
  • Publisher: Marvel Comics
  • Publication Date:
  • Category: Superheroes
  • ISBN: 9780785190134



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Review by

I purchased the first two trades of DeConnick's new, Marvel Now Captain Marvel series (Captain Marvel, Vol. 1: In Pursuit of Flight and Captain Marvel, Vol. 2: Down) and thought both were excellent. Though I am enjoying several of the heroine-led Marvel titles, Captain Marvel is easily the best. I will never understand why Marvel "relaunched" this series with another #1 issue BY THE SAME WRITER, but I am happy to see it continue as the quality is outstanding.The stories just keep improving and I found this volume to be even better than the first two. There is more action, more excitement, more character development - the subtitle is perfect because there is just MORE. Carol, who is maybe/kinda in a relationship with Rhodey (Iron Patriot), knows she needs to get her act together and decide who she wants to be and what she wants from life. So, when Tony Stark suggests they need an Avenger presence out in space, liaising with the Guardians of the Galaxy, Carol decides she'll be the first to take a solo rotation. Her first task is to take an alien, who arrived on Earth in a coma, back to her "home." That simple objective will team her with the Guardians, entangle her in galactic politics, and earn the ire of J'Son, Emperor of Spartax. Along the way she will take on an armada, make some friends and win one for the good guys.Overall, I cannot get enough of Carol Danvers and really regret not buying the series in single issues from the beginning. Highly recommended!

Review by

I think I said this in my last review of a Captain Marvel book: I want to like Captain Marvel more than I actually do. I like the idea of the character, I like her background, her history, and her personality. If I were still a kid, I'd definitely have the action figure, and I'd own the blu-ray of her movie. But I just can't seem to really enjoy any of her books. They often seem so meandering and pointless, it's hard to explain.<br/><br/>In this one, she returns an alien girl to her home planet, and gets caught up in a war. It's got all the elements I love, oppressive forces keeping a population down, a rebellion, and superheroes. But I always find I just can't seem to engage in the stuff, and this was no exception. The part I enjoyed the most was an extended cameo by Rocket, and how he treats her cat.<br/><br/>Overall, pretty good, but I found it to be really slow and honestly a bit confusing. This is the third Captain Marvel trade I've read, and I still cannot tell you what her superpowers are. Kevin Feige recently said Danvers is the most powerful hero in the Marvel universe - "she's Marvel's Superman". Really? That just, it doesn't come across at all. She can breathe in space and seems to be able to shoot energy blasts of some kind, and that's about it.<br/><br/>As usual, Danvers is expertly written, and is one of the most relatable (imo) Marvel characters. Outwardly confident, with plenty of self-doubt, and a lot of character depth. I just wish she'd find herself in an adventure that I can really sink my teeth into - I fully anticipate her movie is going to be one of my favorite Marvel movies, but so far the books are just meh for me.

Review by

Read on November 02, 2014I'm not much of a "comic book" reader -- I'd prefer just watching the movies. But I thought, leading lady superhero? I'd like to know more. Well, this didn't really tell me much more. Carol Danvers works with the Avengers and doesn't like J'son (Star Lord's dad?) because of something with the Builders. So when she decides to leave Earth to go hang out in space she runs into J'son and ruins his big plan. Because that's what badass superhero ones do. But I didn't love this. I thought the drawings of her facial expressions were awesome, but other than that I was left wanting more.

Review by

I think I am not a fan the superhero genre. The art was nice, the story, seemed silly. I will not be continuing with this series. I suspect if you like the genre, you'll like this story.For me, the story is a 3.25, but I'll round it up to a 3.5.