Freshers, Paperback Book


Kit Hannah is about to start University. He's funny, clever and popular - anybody would think he'd be relishing the prospect.

But Kit is harbouring a dark foreboding he dare not share with anyone else.

It's with a heavy heart that he leaves home to begin a new life in Sheffield.

At the vast and alienating Ranmoor Halls of Residence he meets Jinty, a psychology student who's six years older than Kit and much more worldly wise.

She's posh, confident and independent - and she becomes more and more fascinated by Kit.

When he wants to be he's the life and soul of the party - and there are lots of parties, lots of sex, lots of very bad behaviour.

He's naughty, witty and compassionate and everyone wants to be his friend.

But more often than not Kit withholds that friendship and retreats from the gang. The gang includes Benny Bull, a pathological liar from Dudley who associates with drug dealers, car-jackers, Al-Quaida and the I.R.A. (if only in his head). There's Adrian Dangerous, an achievement-driven fitness fanatic from Kent who has to get a First. Alex is a ballsy exchange student from Memphis who's utterly at ease with her unorthodox looks - and keen to stress that carrots have feelings, too.

Laid-back Simon from the Peak District wants nothing more than to get by, start a band and find that mythic mushroom field at Whitehood Hall.

Petra from Stirling wants nothing more than Kit - although Kit, tragically, seems to see her more as a mate.

The object of his affections is Colette - yet whenever Kit gets close to her, something seems to hold him back.

Jinty, and the experience of surviving away from home for the first time in his life, help him confront himself and beat his demons.

Freshers is a rich, insightful and exuberant novel about getting wise and growing up.


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