Learn German Words, CD-Audio Book


Using native voice overs to aid the German learning we have also broken the vocabulary down into relevant groups of words that can be learnt day by day.

With the industry previously being dominated by Michel Thomas, Collins and Rosetta Stone now there is Learn German Words which provides a much more affordable and less risk route to study German. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------There is a slim line booklet that comes with the Audio book - slim enough to arrive in your CD case, so it can easily fit into your jacket pocket, and you can learn German on your daily commute.

The German language Audio book is designed to be a German learning tool capable of being audio only but supported by a German dictionary to ensure correct spellings and correct pronunciation.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapters include numbers, colours, days, months, adjectives, and verbs - the full list of chapters is listed on the website under CD content. So whether you are planning to learn German for a holiday, for business, for pleasure, or to help further your career, our German learning CD is intended to be the first step on the German language learning path, to help get you started. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Our intention is that it will teach you 1000 German language words as well as giving you nearly a hundred useful German phrases to string your newly learned words together.

Vocabulary we believe is the fundamental building block to being able to understanding the German language, and therefore we focus on it directly.

Looking at some German text and realising you recognise over 50% of the words, and that it suddenly starts to make more sense, means that learning German becomes more manageable and interesting.




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