The Raven Boys, Paperback Book
4.5 out of 5 (5 ratings)


This is the first book in a brand new series from bestselling author, Maggie Stiefvater.

Fans of SHIVER (9781407115009), LINGER (9781407121086) and FOREVER (9781407121116) will love this new quartet!

Blue has spent the majority of her sixteen years being told that if she kisses her true love, he will die.

When Blue meets Gansey's spirit on the corpse road she knows there is only one reason why - either he is her true love or she has killed him.

Determined to find out the truth, Blue becomes involved with the Raven Boys, four boys from the local private school (lead by Gansey) who are on a quest to discover Glendower - a lost ancient Welsh King who is buried somewhere along the Virginia ley line.

Whoever finds him will be granted a supernatural favour.

Never before has Blue felt such magic around her. But is Gansey her true love? She can't imagine a time she would feel like that, and she is adamant not to be the reason for his death.

Where will fate lead them? Look out for the next book, THE DREAM THIEVES, out 18th September 2013!


  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 464 pages
  • Publisher: Scholastic
  • Publication Date:
  • Category: Fantasy
  • ISBN: 9781407134611



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Review by

Blue has been told that if she kisses her true love he will die, when she takes part in the ghost road ceremony on April 24th, St Mark's Eve, she meets Gansey (okay, this name jarred me a little out of the story, a Gansey is a jumper/sweater to my brain, I know it's from the place, but it jolted me a little), she's the one non-psychic among pyschics, although she is a pyschic amplifier.When she meets Gansey she's not so impressed, he's one of the Raven Boys, who go to the local private school and have a raven as part of their crest. He's monied and he has no qualms about using that money, something that often rankles other people, a gulf between him and other people. His mono-mania about finding evidence about a dead (maybe) Welsh King also is offputting for some but interesting. The people he surrounds himself with don't always realise why he wants them around.I did like this story, interested to know what happens next but this does stand on it's own, just with some questions at the end.

Review by

Blue has been told all of her life that when she kisses her true love, he will die. In a family full of psychics, she is the only one who isn't. But Blue has a different gift: she amplifies her relatives' power, so she is often asked to be present during a reading or to accompany them to places where psychic energy is strong. Imagine Blue's surprise, therefore, when one day she sees the spirit of a boy on the corpse road. Is this her true love, and has she killed him? When she meets the boy in question in real life, she is less than impressed, especially as his friend is much more appealing. But almost against her will she is drawn into this circle of friends from the posh local college, and events are set in motion that will leave everyone changed for ever ...This was a pleasant surprise: a deliciously dark, engaging and mature YA novel about magic, ley lines, and the Welsh legend about Owen Glendower (yes, really, but stick with it), and in my opinion a million miles away from the drippiness of the Twilight novels. There's a lot teenagers can identify with, and apart from the excitement and the sense of adventure that's experienced when the speed of the plot developments accelerates, the author also has some valid comments to make about the nature of friendship and loyalty, free will and destiny. It took a little time to warm to the raven boys, but I really care about what happens to them, Blue and her family next, and there are certainly plenty of threads that promise much for the next volume in the quartet, The Dream Thives; this is already lined up, I'm happy to say.(This review was originally written as part of Amazon's Vine programme.)

Review by

“There are only two reasons a non-seer would see a spirit on St. Mark’s Eve, Blue.. Either you’re his true love,” Neeve said, “or you killed him.”In my years as a bookworm, I’ve read many YA novels, but I’ve never read anything quite like Maggie Stiefvater. Even though The Raven Cycle didn’t have as much action as I thought it would, it became a novel I obsessed over fairly quickly. The writing is mysterious and gothic, and incredibly riveting. I woke up the morning of determined to get things done and before I knew it, I spent the whole day in bed, starting and finishing this novel...I pretty much read it all in one sitting. Nothing was more important than figuring out what was going to happen to my new favorite characters!Blue“She wasn’t interested in telling other people’s futures. She was interested in going out and finding her own.”Blue is the only “normal” in a family full of psychics. She doesn’t have the sight, she can’t see or speak to ghosts, all she can do is amplify the gifts of seers around her. To make matters worse, she can’t even act like the teenage girl she is, because she’s been prophesied to kill her to kill her one true love by kiss. . . (what a way to die, though!) and now that she knows the identity of her ever-mysterious “true love,” the danger of causing his death is more present than ever. But when she is given the opportunity to help him and the Raven boys find Owen Glendower, a lost noble from medieval Welsh whom some say is still alive by magical means, how can she say no to the only magical adventure she’ll ever experience firsthand? Can you imagine knowing that the first time you kiss your true love, you’ll cause his death? That would put me off kissing (boys) forever! Blue’s character was a lot of fun. She’s quirky and unique in her own ways, but also the same as most teenage girls. Everyone at some point has desired to be like everybody else. Blue sees herself as the black sheep of the family, the only female in her family to be born without seer abilities. Though she may have no ability to see the future, she can amplify the seer’s gifts and I think that's pretty cool, too! Gansley Gansley is a student at Aglionby Academy, an all-boy school for the rich. He spends most of the time with his head stuck in books, and doesn’t understand how much emphasis most people put on money. . . and how offended they get when he offers to pay their way for them. He’s spent his whole life searching for treasure of a lost Welsh noble who fought against England during the medieval times. I had a great time learning about Gansley’s past and what made him so determined to find the treasure of a man who may never have existed in the first place. Not only is he a romantic at heart, but he’s also the glue that holds the Raven Boys together. The groups’ dynamic is so interested to learn about, and it’s interesting to note they are all so different from one another that they probably shouldn’t even be friends. Hell, most of them act like they don’t like each other, but some how they came to care for one another. Its a complicated relationship. . . thank goodness I like complicated!Adam All the Raven Boys are interesting, but Adam is one mystery I can’t wait to dig more into. He’s a scholarship with a severely abusive father. He wants to leave home so bad, but he can’t stand up to his father, and he wants to leave home on his own. He won’t accept the “handouts” Gansley offers him, and he won’t even think of moving in with him. . . and yet they are best friends? Hummm. Like I said, complicated.Ronan I didn’t learn nearly enough about Ronan to appease my curiosity, and most of it I can’t share or my review would be riddled with spoilers, however I will say I didn’t much like him in this book. I’d say he’s the anti-hero, and I’ll be interested to see if Stiefvater redeems him in the next story, which I’ve heard is pretty much all about him. Noah I just knew there was something up with Noah ever since he was introduced into the story. He’s a hermit, practically never leaves the house unless forced to, and yet he’s a student going to a rather strict private school for rich young boys? There was always something fishy about him, and I think it’s funny his own friends didn’t realize! I will say he is adorable and one of my favorite characters. I hope he makes an appearance in the new couple of books, because he is just so damn cute! With every chapter of this book I read, I gained a new question. While The Raven Cycle didn’t have much going on in the way of action until most of the book was finished, Stiefvater leans heavily on the development of important characters (not just the main characters, either!), and in doing so, deepening the intrigue. I can’t wait to see how Dream Thieves plays out - if my friends are right, the series only gets better! Thank you too ALL the fans of The Raven Cycle series who encouraged me to read this! Everybody else who is dragging at the heels to pick up this book, I dare you to buy, steal, or borrow a copy now! (just kidding, stealing is bad! don’t do that!)

Review by

I loved loved loved this book, although it was nothing like what I expected from reading the title. I didn't read the back before I started so I was envisioning something like the crow girls of [a:Charles DeLint] The creative use of words and the characters and the story line all drew me in. The only bad bit? Getting to the end and realising that this book is only the first in a series because there were still so many unanswered questions. I usually like to read a series only once it's completed so that I don't have to wait a year between each one.

Review by

I was in from the very moment I read the first line....'Blue Sargent had forgotten how many times she'd been told that she would kill her true love.' Maggie Stiefvater is a sucker for these lines, I knew from the start I would not put this book down. God damn it I was meant to go out with friends, oh well (kinda thing) and as books go it only gets better as you read! I want Blue's family as my own. My mum reads tarots amazingly, but a full family under one roof WOW. I love her house, I love the way they are together, basically I love it all.St Mark's Eve, Church yard, ghosts of the not yet dead. OMG! YES! Blue can see a boy's spirit though she can't see the others.... She asked, "will you tell me your name?"................. "Gansey", he said....... "Is that all?" she whispered.Gansey closed his eyes. "That's all there is.""There are only two reasons a non-seer would see a spirit on St Mark's Eve, Blue. Either you're his true love," Neeve said, "or you kill him." ..... Maggie you are trying to kill me!! She is going to kill her true love. Death by kiss. What! Then the boys are introduced. Gansey, Adam, Ronan and Noah. They remind me of stand by me. That kind of innocence but not innocence at the same time. They know what they are doing and nothing is going to stop them. I love the wildness of it all. Boys being boys plan and simple. So cool when someone gets it so spot on.I know from half way what I want Gansey to be to Blue. Adam with Blue just annoys me. I love Adam but just as who he is. You find yourself wanting more Ronan and I feel you need more Noah to really love him.The group love each other and that is brilliant to be a part of, even if you are just reading. GO AND BUY THESE BOOKS RIGHT AWAY!!None of my friends read. Which make me depressed, I've been dying to tell someone to read The Raven Boy's for agesss.....

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