As We Know it : Coming to Terms with an Evolved Mind, Paperback Book

As We Know it : Coming to Terms with an Evolved Mind Paperback


An account of how the human mind evolved. It is a theory of mind: it tells us how our immediate ancestors might have thought, and seen the world, in the absence of language, gods or culture.

Marek Kohn relates that ancient heritage to our humanity, and examines the influence of our hominid past on our own behaviour, as creatures who speak, symbolize and create.

Central to the book is a meditation on the handaxe, crafted again and again for hundreds of thousands of years by our proto-human ancestors.

In his reconstruction of the uses and meaning of the handaxe, Kohn takes us into an alien world that is strangely close to our own.

This is a work of sociobiology, in that it applies Darwinism to human culture.

Unlike almost all works of "evolutionary psychology", however, it seeks to recapture Darwinism from the political right, and to show that a better understanding of our evolutionary history need not lead to an imposing of limits on who we are and what we may become.




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