Original Sin, Hardback Book

Original Sin Hardback

Illustrated by Jim Cheung

3.5 out of 5 (4 ratings)


  • Format: Hardback
  • Pages: 392 pages, 1 Illustrations, unspecified
  • Publisher: Marvel Comics
  • Publication Date:
  • Category: Superheroes
  • ISBN: 9780785190691

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Review by

I had high hopes for Original Sin, especially after the non-event collection of issues that was Inhumanity. And while it was definitely a better, more cohesive story, it didn’t live up to the hype. Mainly because the “wow” stuff doesn’t happen here.The main plot of Original Sin is a murder mystery to determine who robbed and killed Uatu, The Watcher. All the excitement of Captain America learning what the Illuminati did to him, of Iron Man maybe being connected to Bruce Banner’s accident, etc. – none of that is explored here. When Cap learns of the death, he takes Nick Fury and few others to the moon to investigate. Nick subsequently sends a few different groups tracking down leads, including who took the Watcher’s eyes and much of his arsenal. I actually liked the story a lot. It gives a deeper look into Fury’s life, with some unexpected revelations. And, when one of the Watcher’s eyes goes off like a bomb, people suddenly learn secrets, and not always about themselves. However, as a standalone event, it’s not that impressive (like Civil War, even without tie-ins that was EPIC!) To truly get to the consequences, readers will have to go to the individual series (or the Original Sin Companion, as I intend to). In addition to Original Sin #0-8, this collection also includes “Original Sins #1-5.” I found these to be mostly a waste of time, with a couple stand outs. The artwork is generally poor, and in a couple instances downright awful! Included are: 1) “Hidden in Plain Sight” a Young Avengers story about a confrontation with Red Hood. Boring. 2) “Terminus” a Deathlok story about him killing some poor sap who knows who he is thanks to the eyeball explosion. Over quick, and forgotten as quickly. 3) “Buried Memory” about Black Bolt’s dog searching for a lost dog bone. I KID YOU NOT. 4)”Black Knight in Black Legacy” about a writer who learns Black Knight isn’t immune to the curse after all. This was almost enough to interest me in the character. Almost. 5) “Before Your Eyes” two pages of Howard the Duck. Meh. 6) “Whispers of War” This story was actually worth the read. Lineage has the souls of his ancestor inside him, ready to tell him secrets. A new arrival has some interesting news about Black Bolt. I foresee consequences for this story that make it worthwhile. 7) “Bury the Lead” J Jonah Jameson once wrote a positive story about Spidey. Another quickies over in 2 pages. 8) “Checkmate” was the best story of the lot by far and made the inclusion of the entire Original Sins worth it. Some nobody has learned a secret about Doctor Doom. And he’s foolish enough to consider blackmailing him. Perfection in every way: the art, the writing, the ending. 9) “Catharsis” Marvel should have to refund me some money for these two pages. Any artist who manages to make Captain America look like Pete the villain from a Mickey Mouse cartoon should find a new line of work. 10) “How the World Works” was the second best story of this lot. Dum Dum Dugan confronts Fury about his extreme methods, with a very sad outcome. 11) “The No-Sin Situation” is two pages of various characters revealing ridiculous secrets (e.g. She Hulk never passed the bar, etc.) And the last story, 12) “Original Sin: Secret Avengers” was a fun, if useless, little adventure for Agents Fury and Coulson. I love Phil Coulson, so this worked for me. It was inconsequential, but entertaining.Overall, this collection is definitely worth reading. Plus, I recommend the beautiful, high quality hardcover edition. I just hope the OS Companion delivers on the hype. I wanna see what sins the main Avengers are hiding!

Review by

Who killed the Watcher? Great plot. Who killed the Watcher, as investigated by a ragtag bunch of misfits and then the Avengers keep showing up and getting in the way? Kind of annoying execution. The big change (SUPERHEROES DISCOVER THEIR SECRETS) kind of fizzled and the villains were lame except for the Orb, the guy with an eyeball for a head, and then the big reveal (Nick Fury has been going where those others couldn't to assassinate alien threats to Earth) kind of fizzled too since that's already the idea behind the Marvel Illuminati, but I didn't hate this.

Review by

My son bought these in individual comic form and recommended them. I'm glad he did because I REALLY enjoyed them. The art was really good, the plot was extremely cool and the writing was great. I loved the Punisher and Rocket Racoon (whom I've never read but know about), Black Panther was pretty damn fearsome and Nick Fury, a hero I was never really interested in, was amazing.Now I'm interested to read the next series Original Sins (with an S) though I'm not sure it's written by Jason Aaron so I may be disappointed.

Review by

I have very little of the new Marvel stuff since Marvel Now. I heard all sorts of rumblings about this story and knew Fury was at the heart of it. The original (in "real" Marvel continuity) Nick Fury. That got me interested so I pre-ordered the book. <br/><br/>Overall, I was happy with this. It did draw from the historical Marvel (it clearly had ties to the old continuity). The Watcher is an old and beloved character for those who have read classic FF4. I believe he also appears in some of the classic cosmic stuff. The art work was well done and the story kept my interest. Fury is portrayed as a bad ass, as he should be. I like to think we will see him again one day. <br/><br/><br/>I really dislike the weird headgear thing going on with Captain America. The odd ear parts remind me of Aayla Secura's ears and the chin strap makes it look like an old leather football helmet. Bring back the wings!

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