Ultimatum, Paperback Book
2 out of 5 (1 rating)


Joe Benton has been elected the forty-eighth president of the United States.

Only days after the election results, Benton learns from his predecessor that previous estimates regarding the effect of global warming on rising sea levels have been grossly underestimated.

With the world terrifyingly close to catastrophe, Benton must save the United States from environmental devastation.

He resumes secret bilateral negotiations with the Chinese - now the world's worst polluter - and as the two superpowers lock horns, the ensuing battle of wits becomes a race against time.

With tension escalating on almost every page and building to an astonishing climax, Matthew Glass's visionary and deeply unsettling thriller steers us into the dark heart of political intrigue and a future that is all too terrifyingly believable.




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This wasn't really what I was expecting, and it has turned out to really not be my sort of thing. The story is set in the not too distant future and opens with the newly elected president of the USA confronted with the fact that the effects of global CO2 emissions are much greater and far reaching than previously thought.I had envisaged an action-packed, seat-of-the-pants, dystopian view of the world imploding under the weight of it's own carbon crimes. This book is nothing like that at all.It focuses very heavily on what the incoming president's administration is going to handle this news and how they are going to reduce emissions worldwide. It is very heavy on dialogue. We observe in detail what everyone is saying, but learn very little about who they are or how they feel about is. There is almost no background information on what has happened worldwide prior to 2032 and it is very light on humour on any level - it takes itself very seriously.I can't say anymore about it, as I have given up on it, not something I do often. It was just too dry for me, but it is very clever and obviously very thoroughly researched