The Sisters Grimm : The Problem Child, Hardback Book

The Sisters Grimm : The Problem Child Hardback

4 out of 5 (5 ratings)


The Sisters Grimm come face to face with their parents kidnappers and are stunned when one of them happens to be the world's most famous fairy-tale character (hint, she wears red) and the other an unstoppable killing-machine known as the Jabberwocky.

Without the now-dead Mr. Canis at their side, the girls have little hope that they'll ever be reunited with their mother and father.

That is until their long-lost Uncle Jake returns home with stories of a weapon that can kill the beast but is so powerful it had to be destroyed.

Now the girls must find the missing pieces so the deadly weapon can be reforged, but to get it done they'll have to go head-to-head with the Wizard of Oz, the Little Mermaid, and even the horrible witch Baba Yaga.

To complicate matters, Sabrina begins to struggle with an addiction to magic and finds herself unraveling a real-life family mystery, the origins of which have caused suffering for generations of Grimms.


  • Format: Hardback
  • Pages: 304 pages, cl1/bw11/tt12 illustrations, cl/bw/tt photographs
  • Publisher: Abrams
  • Publication Date:
  • Category: Crime & mystery fiction (Children's/YA)
  • ISBN: 9780810949140

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In this third installment, there is a Jabberwocky lose in Ferryport. We also have the return of a long lost relative and Granny Grimm's reluctance to take on a case, which has Sabrina and Daphne worried. There is an election for Ferryport mayor and we meet the Little Mermaid, the Blue Fairy and Baba Yaga. Puck is gravely injured and it looks like the only way to save him and deal with the Jaberwocky is the vorpal blade... which was destroyed. Sabrina also learns how addictive magic can be and the high price one pays for using it. Very good!

Review by

I love this series! So fun and fast-paced. Perfect.

Review by

After the cliffhanger ending in <i>The Unusual Suspects</i>, it was wonderful to finally read this book.<br>Following the events, Sabrina wakes up to find that she has passed out. With Puck fighting the monster, she tries to face Little Red Riding Hood, a demented little girl; at first Sabrina doesn't realize it is the famous heroine because in the stories she wasn't an evil villain. Believing that the younger child is the mastermind behind the Scarlet Hand, Sabrina rushes to capture her, only to find that Riding Hood has a magic ring which transports herself and Sabrina's parents away. Puck and Sabrina rush out of the building, which the Jabberwocky monster begins to burn. After being chased and finding shelter, she passes out again.<br>Waking up, she discovers that 1) her arm is in a cast, 2) Puck has drawn a mustache, goatee, and the words "CAPTAIN DOODIEFACE" on her face, and 3) her grandmother has forbidden her from searching for her parents. Eventually, the two sisters meet their long-lost uncle Jake who has armed himself with the aid of many magical assortments. But when Puck, who has decided to start playing the role of the hero, gets hurt, they realize that Puck needs to be with the Faerie folk. But to kill the Jabberwocky and tear through the magical barrier surrounding the town (so that they can get Puck out), the family must search for the Vorpal Sword. And so they set out on a quest to collect all the pieces of the Vorpal Sword and to find the Blue Fairy.<br>This book gives the reader a deeper look into Ferryport Landing and reveals the past of the Grimm Family, especially the truth about Grandfather Basil's death. Sabrina also ends up learning that magic is an addiction and how to fight it.<br>I love the series as how it presents the two sisters. Daphne, whom might come off as being naive, wholeheartedly believes in the Everafters and trusts them. She also seems to always do the right thing. On the other hand, Sabrina, whom is seen as basically the main character, rebels against everything. She never seems to trust anyone, including Granny Grimm. Even though Sabrina is seen to do the majority of everything, I believe the quiet Daphne is a lot smarter than she looks, even if she is younger. If children reading this series study the two they can learn how to really live a good life by following Daphne's actions.

Review by

Even though I still hate the narrator, I'm going to keep on with this series. The Grimm's search to recover their family is interesting enough to overcome the snotty twelve year old point of view.

Review by

The series is getting better (which is good, because there are a lot of books in the series).