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� The electrifying new novel from the master of the modern nightmare, Neil Cross, acclaimed writer of Luther and Hard Sun Even though he is still young, Kenny has just weeks to live.

Before he dies, he wants to find his childhood best friend Callie Barton and thank her for the kindness she showed him when they were at school together.

But when Kenny begins his search, he discovers that Callie has gone missing.

Although cleared of any involvement, her husband Jonathan seems to be hiding something.Kenny has no choice but to take matters into his own hands. And knowing that time is running out on him, he's prepared to do whatever it takes...Praise for Captured: 'Fantastically clever stories expertly told by a very skilful writer' Chris Carter, Number One Sunday Times Bestseller 'With every book Neil Cross's prose grows leaner and more charged...

Cross is a wonderful writer, full of mordant psychological insights...

Britain's own Stephen King' John O'Connell, Guardian 'Once again, Neil Cross proves that he's not just a master of suspense, but horror too...

His novels, however, have just been getting better and better as he appears to have found a deceptively simple yet highly-charged and convincing style' Mirror, Book of the Week 'A psychological thriller for which the term 'page-turner' might have been coined' Metro 'Gory detail and lifelike descriptions paint a stark picture of the life of portrait artist Kenny Drummond.

A testimony of the human spirit's ability to bear pain and even the respect and love he can feel for his sworn enemy, Captured is gripping stuff' The Northern Echo 'Original and thoughtful, a psychological thriller sharing some common ground with Ruth Rendell/Barbara Vine... the deft plot has an inescapable gravity' TLS


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This is the first book I have read by Neil Cross, and I was looking forward to it as I have enjoyed both Spooks and Luther, TV programmes he has either written, or had a hand in writing.I wasn't disappointed with this book. It's the story of Kenny Drummond, a young man who has discovered he has only weeks to live and decides to make it up to four people to whom he feels he owes something. This is a good premise for a story, but I couldn't really see how it would end up being a thriller. I won't give the story away, but it's certainly not a run of the mill type thriller.It's a short book, and an easy read, with nice bite-size chapters, and it kept me interested enough all the way through to want to find out what happened at the end. Kenny isn't the more likeable character in the world, but I still felt enough about him to engage with his feelings and understand why he does some, if not all, of the actions he does in the story.It's quite an odd sort of story, but I'd definitely read more of Neil Cross's books in the future.

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CAPTURED begins with an arresting hook: Kenny wrote the list because he was dying. Earlier that morning, an MRI scan had revealed a malignant brain cancer had germinated in the moist secrecy of his skull like a mushroom in compost. He had six weeks, maybe less.Kenny has just 4 people on his list. One is his ex-wife and one is the girl he sat next to at the end of primary school.The other two are easy to deal with. One is dead and so there is nothing he can do there. He locates the other and finds that he has grown up to have a fulfilling life. He remembers Kenny and thanks him for actions he took over twenty years before.But the third, apart from his wife, Callie has disappeared, missing for ten years, and Kenny finds it easy to suspect her husband of murder.A book I reviewed recently THE LAST POLICEMAN by Ben H. Winters uses a different scenario to pose the question of what you, dear reader, would do if you knew your remaining time on earth was very limited.For many people settling old scores would be high on the list, but I was surprised at the level of violence it unleashed in Kenny.Neil Cross is a skilled story teller and knows how to follow ideas through to their most logical conclusion, at the same time as ratcheting the tension ever upwards.

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What would you do if you knew you were dying?Captured is the story of Kenny Drummond, a lonely artist who is facing an ugly end from a terminal illness. With only weeks to live, Kenny has created a list of people that he needs forgiveness from, or wishes to thank them for all that they did. Even though Kenny is divorced, he is still on close terms with his ex-wife and her new family, Kenny’s desire to develop a wonderful legacy for them comes before all the rest, until by chance, he is unable to find an old friend, Callie, from college days. No one knows where she is, and the story her husband, Jonathon, is giving is far from believable. Struggling with pain and seizures, Kenny knows he cannot rest until Callie is found or accounted for.

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