Divine by Choice, Paperback Book

Divine by Choice Paperback

3 out of 5 (3 ratings)


"Oh, man! It's like I'm friggin Wonder Woman or something." Suddenly Clint stopped and turned to face me. "Not like a superhero, like a goddess."After being mistaken for a goddess in the mythic world of Partholon (easily done), Shannon Parker now adores her new life.

Everything - particularly all the goddess worshipping - is going great...until she's wrenched back to Oklahoma.Desperate to return to the husband and world she loves, she's got to draw on dormant power from our world to take her back.

But Shannon soon realises she's being followed by an ancient evil...Sometimes being divine by mistake is a lot easier than being divine by choice.


  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 384 pages
  • Publisher: Mira Books
  • Publication Date:
  • Category: Fantasy
  • ISBN: 9780778303589


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Review by

Shannon Parker is officially one of my new all-time favorite characters. P.C. Cast has created a beautiful world, a funny and quirky set of characters, and an amazing story only made better by the second installment in her Goddess of Partholon series, DIVINE BY CHOICE. For me, Shannon is what really made this story sparkle.Tossed into a mythological world where centaurs exist and evil has the potential to roam the lands, Shannon Parker has enough trouble trying to manage without toilet paper, let alone attempting to be the Goddess Incarnate of Epona she is supposed to be in this new world. In DIVINE BY CHOICE we get to follow the cute woman as she finds herself unexpectedly thrown one surprise after another. It's difficult to talk about the storyline in this installment without giving away too much of the story; just know that Shannon is going to be tested like never before - spiritually, physically, and romantically. Why is Shannon such a fantastic character? Honestly, I hope to someday ask that of Ms. Cast. However she developed Shannon; whatever love she put into her; whatever crazy dreams inspired the author to create Shannon Parker, ex-teacher and new Goddess Incarnate, has to be magic. I've ready many books where I felt connected to the lead character, but rarely do I feel like I miss that character after the story is done. With DIVINE BY MISTAKE I honestly feel like a good friend has departed and I have to sit and anxiously wait for her return. Perhaps it's the humor Shannon is imbued with and the funny way she views life. She is a sparkling character with a strong personality that makes her very relatable. She's the girl you want to be; not the processed Barbie doll of pristine beauty, but the real-life woman of humor and optimism. Seriously, I just love reading about her.Now that I've got that out of my system, how about we visit some other great aspects of the book? If Ms. Cast's lead character wasn't so dang cute, the story would most likely still be fantastic. There is a nice support system of strong characters. In DIVINE BY MISTAKE we see the introduction of Clint and let me just tell you now, be prepared for some serious heart pounding! Whether it's from anticipation, anger, anguish, joy, or fear, Clint throws us through some serious emotions. I rarely get truly vested in a story, instead, enjoying the surface emotions during the book and then allowing them to release once it's over. Otherwise, I think I'd mope around for days each time I finished a book. With this one however, there is no way not to get invested. Clin, and the part he plays in the story, digs down deep into the heart and sits there, waiting until you're least expecting it to pop up and get those emotions rolling. Nothing says "I just finished a good book" like getting caught staring at the wall, daydreaming while your popcorn burns in the microwave. I was so looking forward to that popcorn too.Ms. Cast's scenery and the way she describes her world is truly what makes the story come to life. This was true in Divine by Mistake but is even more evident in DIVINE BY CHOICE. It's very easy to see and feel the world around you which only aids the author in pulling us down into the story. At one point while reading a particularly cold scene, I was amazed to walk outside and find it rather warm. I had expecting it to be frigid out. When an author can influence not only your emotions, but what you expect in the world, that's the sign that he or she has got you hooked.Like the first book, there were a few times that the pace seemed to pick up and leave me a little behind. I wouldn't say that it was too distracting and overall didn't effect the story that much. Fair warning time: There are adult scenes and themes within the pages of DIVINE BY CHOICE. It was ridiculously easy to get engrossed in DIVINE BY MISTAKE and I am quite anxious to start Divine by Blood next. This is the third book in the series and by the excerpt of it found at the end of book two, it promises to be even better than the first ones. If you haven't given this series a try, I recommend it. The stories are magical, funny, full of action, and filled with color. They are the perfect escape on a rainy day anytime you just want to go somewhere filled fantasy for a bit.

Review by

I forced myself to read this even though the first book was appalling. Things haven't improved. It feels wrong to leave such a negative review, but there is really nothing positive to say about this book. Avoid.

Review by

I am caught between giving this either three or four stars. It was good but it was not amazing. I do love the writing style in these books- it's really simple and flows really well. It makes the books a pleasure to read. However, I didn't like the fact that I was over one hundred pages into the book before the events from the description began happening. I felt like I was spending too long waiting for the actual story to begin. Once back in her own world, I felt Shannon made a lot of questionable choices and it really turned me against her as a character. In the last book, she was a quite determined and loyal person but she seemed very different in this one. The story itself was good and interesting and I enjoyed getting to find out a bit more about Rhiannon. In general, it was a good book but Shannon began to irritate me, especially towards the end.

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