Atlantis Rising, Paperback Book
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This channelled book transmitted from the "Speakers of the Sirian High Council" and beamed to Cori from the sixth dimension contains a message absolutely essential to our "future" (although everything actually exists in "no-time", as is explained). It is a dire message which is why we need to get it so we can do something about it. (Though everything will be okay anyway.)The book comprises an absolute wealth of riveting information. We are informed of the real cause of the downfall of Atlantis and that what happened there is now repeating itself here on Earth.Many of us who served the Light in the Last Generation of Atlantis have now returned to help deal with the similar situation here. We are informed of the highly destructive manipulations of the Secret Government on our Earth (whom David Icke refers to as "the Illuminati"), including the HAARP Project in Alaska, which involves the beaming of "unimaginable levels of high-end radio frequencies" into the ionosphere. The latter constitutes a valuable part of the body of Gaia, corresponding to parts of our own aura, and its destruction will result in our own eradication or being forced to move underground.We are told about the Annunaki, antecedents of the Secret Government, who are the rulers of the planet Nebiru, which orbits between the Sirius system and our own solar system in a 3,600 year orbit. Nebiru was flung out of its orbit and thus, homeless, moves back and forth between the two systems. Constantly searching for energy, the Annunaki have pillaged the Earth of her mineral resources and feed on our negative emotions.It is not only Gaia and other planets in our system that are "passing from material reality" from the third to the fourth dimension at this present time. (We must now be in the eleventh hour.) It is our sun, Ra, that initiates the Ascension process, and pulls us into the next dimension through its "astral chords", whatever these are. The violent solar activity now occurring (expressions of ecstasy from Ra's point of view) is disturbing to the Secret Government since it constitutes a threat to their secret space programmes, surveillance satellites and communications systems, not least to the HAARP Project. Moreover, these solar flares contribute to the destruction of the Grid set up by the Secret Government to prevent us from accessing higher knowledge.These are a few of the more important matters expounded on in this message from the Sirian "Speakers".This is the first book I've read by Cori, and I find its message to be of utmost importance and the information it presents to be fascinating.And I didn't find the message as a whole to be particularly clear. Because on the one hand we're exhorted to rise up and aid in the fight against the machinations of the Secret Government and in Gaia's leap into the next dimension, but on the other hand most of us are going to "die" anyway, since we won't all be able to transform our bodies in such a way as to survive in this higher dimension. Perhaps we are just being urged to help make the transition as painless as possible for as many of us as possible.The book is beautifully formulated and a joy to read, though it is sometimes hard-going, its content being so weighty,and it does seem a bit "dark". But I strongly recommend that you read it.

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