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All Gas and Gaiters: Series 1 and 2 : A BBC Radio ecclesiastical comedy, eAudiobook MP3 eaudioBook

All Gas and Gaiters: Series 1 and 2 : A BBC Radio ecclesiastical comedy eAudiobook MP3

Narrated by Derek Nimmo, Full Cast, John Barron, Jonathan Cecil, Robertson Hare, William Mervyn

eAudiobook MP3

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TV's first ecclesiastical comedy, All Gas and Gaiters was enjoyed by over 10 million viewers on BBC One between 1966 and 1971.

Written by husband-and-wife-team Pauline Devaney and Edwin Apps, it was so popular that a selection of scripts were revised and re-recorded for radio with the same star cast as the television series. Robertson Hare starred as the Archdeacon of the fictional St Ogg's Cathedral.

An elderly gentleman fond of a tipple and with an eye for the ladies, he shares the cloisters with his clerical companions, the easy-going Bishop (William Mervyn) and the naive, accident-prone Chaplain (Derek Nimmo and Jonathan Cecil).

All they want is a quiet life - but this wish is constantly thwarted by the overbearing Dean (John Barron), and all too often, chaos and confusion abound as they are caught up in a series of hilarious misadventures. This collection comprises all 33 episodes of the classic comedy.

Among the guest stars are David Jason, Richard Caldicot, Doris Hare, Hugh Paddick, Deryck Guyler and Julia McKenzie. Written by Pauline Devaney and Edwin AppsProduced by David Hatch and John DyasCastArchdeacon........................Robert HareBishop........................William MervynBishop's Chaplain (The Reverend Mervyn Noote)........................Derek Nimmo/Jonathan CecilDean........................John BarronGuest starring: Rosalind Adams, Ingrid Bower, Ann Davies, Frank Abbott, Peter Jones, Margot Boyd, Jo Manning Wilson, Sean Barrett, Ronald Forfar, Kenneth Connor, Sam Kydd, Joan Sanderson, Elizabeth Proud, Christine Buckley, Sonia Fraser, Eva Stuart, Betty Baskcomb, John Gabriel, Peter Tuddenham, James Hayter, Nan Munro, Naomi Chance, Nigel Lambert, Patrick Toll, Tania Robinson, David Jason, Richard Griffiths, Richard Caldicot, Jo Kendall, Doris Hare, George Woodbridge, Neil McDermott, Kate Binchy, Hugh Paddick, Ballard Berkeley, Malcolm Hayes, John Samson, Manning Wilson, Robin Browne, Deryck Guyler, Pat Keen, Betty Huntley-Wright, Allan Cuthbertson, Michael Kilgarriff, Erik Chitty, Julia McKenzie, Margaret Wolfit, Billy Milton, Frank Williams, Dudley JonesTrack listing:Series 1 (first broadcast 5 Jan-30 Mar 1971)1 The Bishop Rides Again2 The Bishop Writes a Sermon3The Bishop Meets a Bird4The Bishop Turns to Crime5 The Bishop Sees a Ghost 6 Only Three Can Play 7The Dean Goes Primitive8 The Bishop Gets a Letter 9 The Bishop Gives a Party10 The Bishop Goes to Town 11Give a Dog a Bad Name12The Bishop Gives a Shove13The Bishop Pays a VisitSeries 2 (first broadcast 24 July-4 Dec 1972)14 The Bishop Learns the Facts 15 The Bishop Takes a Holiday 16 The Bishop Buys a Car 17 The Bishop Gets the Sack 18 The Bishop Has a Flutter 19 The Affair at Cookham Lock 20 The Bishop Loves His Neighbour 21 The Bishop Beats the System22 The Bishop Entertains 23 The Bishop Gains a Reputation24 The Bishop Buys a Mug25 The Bishop Loses His Chaplain26 When in Rome27 The Bishop is Hospitable28 The Bishop Gives a Present29 The Bishop Takes Up Business30 The Bishop Keeps His Diary31 The Bishop Warms Up32 The Bishop Shows His Loyalty33 The Bishop Has a Rest


Also by Pauline Devaney