Naked : The Blackstone Affair, Book 1 Book 1, Paperback Book

Naked : The Blackstone Affair, Book 1 Book 1 Paperback

4 out of 5 (4 ratings)


Brynne Bennett is living the good life. An American art student at the University of London and part-time photographic model, she's putting her life back on track with school and lots of hard work.

When ultra-successful London businessman Ethan Blackstone buys her nude portrait, he isn't taking 'no' for an answer.

He wants Brynne in his bed and has no problem voicing his desires to her.

His dominant nature captivates and ensnares her despite the demons she carries around.

But there are secrets in this relationship. Huge ones. Can Ethan free Brynne from the past that has marked her?

Will Brynne let him or will the specters tormenting her resurface to destroy their chance at happiness?




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About:When I saw the blurb for Naked: The Blackstone Affair Book 1, it immediately reminded me of the Fifty Shades of Grey series. As I read Naked, I definitely saw the similarities to Fifty Shades; rich, dominating man who is after a shy, submissive girl.In this first book, Brynne Bennett is an American studying art in London who poses nude to help pay the bills. Brynne has a mysterious past and sees a therapist on a regular basis.Successful, rich, London businessman Ethan Blackstone purchases one of her nude portraits one day and as soon as he sees Brynne, he has to have her. Literally. Ethan is an ex-military hottie who likes to dominate and runs his own elite security business. He's got his own secrets and dark past.My thoughts:I have to say, I found Naked to be highly readable and dare I say it, I think the writing here is better than Fifty Shades. This book is told from Brynne's POV.Oh Ethan! Swoon worthy Ethan. For the most part I liked both Ethan and Brynne's characters. The sexual tension sizzled, sex scenes were hot, the character development was good and the storyline was interesting. There's a supporting cast of characters that add just enough to the plot. I actually read this book in one sitting. Author Raine Miller does a great job with Ethan. I like my heroes to dominate, and he does it well. I also like that he's got a Shakespeare quote from A Midsummer Night's Dream tattooed on his back. "No more yielding but a dream."I liked that Brynne is smart, independent and runs to clear her head. I also like the London backdrop."I forged ahead and crossed over onto the Thames path that followed the great river. My iPod helped too. Music had a way of resetting the brain. With Eminem and Rhianna battling out lying for the sake of love in my ears, I kept a steady pace and admired the architecture I passed on my route. The history in such and ancient city as London was vast, yet it contrasted with the bustling, modern world player in a perfect balance. Duality. I loved living here."p. 12, digital edition quote may differ from final copyI have two qualms though. First off, Ethan claims he never, ever allows females into his bedroom for sex. However, a few days after meeting Brynne, guess what? He allows her in his bed for hot, dirty sex. I felt that was rushed, I wish the author would have dragged it out just a bit. It would have been better if Ethan and Brynne would have waited a while longer before he ravaged her in his sacred bedroom. I was glad however, that Brynne was not a virgin. I'm tired of the virgin heroines in romance novels. Like I mentioned before, Naked: The Blackstone Affair Book 1 reminded me a bit of 50 Shades, but without the bondage and spanking. These two have some great vanilla sex, Ethan isn't into whips and chains, but he is possessive.My second qualm is a biggie. Unprotected sex on the first date. Ethan wants to go well, raw. Brynne agrees, hey, she's on the pill, so why not? Ethan swears he's clean, he gets tested on the regular. Brynne claims she's clean too. Um, how about saying "No glove, no love Ethan!"I could have overlooked the rushed sex, but I can't overlook the lack of common sense on part of both these characters.Naked ends on a cliffhanger when Brynne and Ethan have a serious confrontation as a big secret comes to light.You can't finish this book without wanting to read the next in the series, at least I couldn't.This is a juicy contemporary romance and despite the few misgivings I had with the characters actions, I enjoyed it overall. Disclaimer: This review is my honest opinion. I did not receive any type of compensation for reading and reviewing this book. While I receive free books from publishers and authors, such as these books, I am under no obligation to write a positive review.

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ABOUT THE BOOK: Brynne Bennett is living the good life. An American art student at the University of London and part-time photographic model, she’s putting her life back on track with school and lots of hard work. When ultra successful London businessman, Ethan Blackstone, buys her nude portrait, he isn’t taking ‘no’ for an answer. He wants Brynne in his bed and makes plans to keep her there no matter what. His dominant nature captivates and ensnares despite the demons she carries inside her. But there are secrets in this relationship. Huge ones. Can Ethan free Brynne from the past that has marked her? Will Brynne let him or will the specters tormenting her resurface to destroy them both…REVIEW: WOW, this piece left me speechless. It’s in both a good and bad way. I like the premises of this story and, holy hell, it was hot as hell. The emotions of the character drew me through the book, and the backgrounds are so damn intriguing that I had to keep turning the page to learn more.That being said, I was getting a bit frustrated by a few different things, many of which proved distracting. With the story, I felt as if I kept being thrust outside of the character’s head and I finally figured out it was mostly due to be told how she was feeling, instead of figuring that out on my own through the writer’s words. Some of the grammar seemed off at times as well and in the beginning; I was more than a little taken back with how fast they moved to unprotected sex. It was all a bit much, but I’ve heard so many good things about this book, that I decided to put on.I wasn’t disappointed that I did and of course now, I’m racing to get to the next book. I do wish this piece could have been longer and it may have helped with the instant-love of this book. However, I do think readers will eat this piece up and the good news is, they will be able to do such in a matter of hours. Nicely done and I give it 3.5 out of five stars for a job well done.

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You can find this review at My Favorite Things ( by Raine Miller is a romance involving two people with traumatic pasts who almost instantly fall for each other so intensely it is surreal. I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Raine Miller for my introduction to Ethan Blackstone AKA David Gandy. He is the epitome of classic, gorgeous, aplha male. Having such a gorgeous visual in the back of my mind while reading is very enjoyable. Brynne is fragile but capable and has been doing just fine with her life until Ethan. He awakens more than just lust and longing in her, the strength of the emotions he evokes trigger the return of her nightmares. But even with the night terrors, she has never felt more safe or loved. Ethan is the perfect match for her needs.Ethan has a few secrets of his own. He is former Special Forces and has the scars to prove it. Brynne has seen the scars but has decided not to enquire about them just yet, she has her own secrets and understands the need to not share.I think my favorite quote from this book is..."He's far too beautiful to have to resort to his hand for an orgasm."The fact that we learn he overheard her and Benny saying that...I laughed my behind off!"I heard what you and Clarkson said, by the way-about me and my hand." He tapped his ear. "High-tech security gadgets in my line of work."I noticed this on my re-read and it made me think of the third book so i decided to add this to the review..."The intimacy was off the charts and I could not have looked away if I'd wanted to. I needed my eyes wide open."

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Naked by Raine Miller(Book #1: The Blackstone Affair Trilogy)Source: NetgalleyRating: 5/5 starsWhew . . . .what a way to start a trilogy!! Raine Miller’s Naked is the first book in The Blackstone Affair trilogy and is also one smoldering read that had me turning pages almost faster than I could read. Brynne Bennett: American, grad student, part-time model, a woman with a sordid past and, the object of Ethan Blackstone’s attention. Brynne moved to London to separate herself from her painful past and build a life of her own outside of scandal and heartache. In the time since she left home, Brynne has become fiercely independent as well as confident and successful. Other than reminders of her past, very little shakes Brynne or her confidence.Ethan Blackstone: British (yummy!), intimidating, committed, successful, protective and, a man who will not under any circumstances accept “No” as an answer. Especially if that answer is coming from Brynne Bennett. After seeing Brynne (and most of her nude body) at an gallery opening, Ethan decides she belongs to him and confidently explains the situation to the young woman as he drives her home from the opening. Though Brynne is somewhat taken aback by Ethan’s incredibly forward manner, she cannot deny her intense and instantaneous attraction to him and agrees to “date” Ethan Blackstone. Oh, my!!In this first installment of the trilogy, I found Ethan to be overwhelming in the most delightful way and his confidence, protective nature, and sex appeal are off the charts. One can clearly see - even in the small amount of time they have known one another – that Brynne is beyond important to Ethan. He is fiercely protective of Brynne and understands her past is something that can come back to haunt and hurt her at any given moment. Just as Brynne begins to truly trust Ethan and open up to him about her background, a phone call comes through that shatters what the two lovers have begun to build. The Bottom Line: WOW!! Ethan Blackstone is one smokin’ hot Brit and his story is fascinating to say the least. His intensity and connection to Brynne is so strong and so swift as to be almost unbelievable. BUT, Raine Miller has made me a believer by creating a rock-solid character who absolutely practices what he is preaching. Add to this the fantastically hot naughty bits and Ethan’s colossal screw-up at the end and I was left absolutely beside myself and completely impressed with the exit Brynne made!! On to book two . . . which I bought and began reading immediately after finishing book one :)

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