The Unravelling of Michael Gilchrist, Paperback / softback Book

The Unravelling of Michael Gilchrist Paperback / softback


A novel which takes you on a roller-coaster ride inside the mind of its eponymous hero.

A story both contemporary (set in the 2010's) and nostalgic, funny, quirky and sometimes tragic.

A sensitive hero, beneath his `blokey' exterior, and his attempts to find `true' happiness.

With just twelve weeks to go before his wedding to ophthalmic surgeon, Jo, thirty year old drug rep, Michael, is panicking.

If only he'd found the courage to tell Jo he hadn't proposed when she believed he had, but Jo's a determined woman, and besides, the truth would have made her unhappy, and making others unhappy is something Michael has tried to avoid for as long as he can remember. Michael is only too aware that this approach to life hasn't brought him much happiness, earning him to date not only a wedding he's dreading, but an unwanted career, ghosts that haunt his past and present, and just lately, recurring nightmares featuring characters from Star Wars (the original trilogy of course). Add to this his future mother-in-law's farcical wedding preparations, an aunt who's mad as a box of frogs, a wannabe cowboy for a father, a sister who's slowly reducing the wildlife population of Australia, the realisation that he doesn't love his fiancee enough to marry her, and the indefinite detention of the woman he really does love (for stabbing her partner before eating microwaved paella), it's hardly surprising that Michael is teetering on the brink.

When his only hope of survival requires making a lot of people (plus one determined ghost) very unhappy, what's he going to do?




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