Marvel Zombies, Paperback Book
4.5 out of 5 (3 ratings)


  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 136 pages, 1 Illustrations, unspecified
  • Publisher: Marvel Comics
  • Publication Date:
  • Category: Superheroes
  • ISBN: 9780785120148



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Review by

I wasn't really sure if I would like these comics. I'm a big horror fan and a big Marvel fan, but I wasn't sold on the combination of the two until I finally gave in and read this trade. And - it was AWESOME.The entire series was very darkly funny, especially after the heroes had "eaten" and their senses, or what remained of them, returned for a while. Of course, not everyone shares my sick sense of humor. There's a lot of squicky things in these pages (big surprise - they're zombies with an insatiable lust for human flesh!): people getting torn in half, brains being exposed, beheadings, bones getting ripped out of skin (or ripping through skin), etc. And if you're not familiar with Marvel, then it's not going to be nearly as funny or enjoyable (in my opinion, at least; you just can't appreciate how hilarious it is to see good ol' Colonel America tearing someone apart with his teeth unless you know how squeaky clean Captain America is in 616 Marvelverse).I can't wait to read the rest of these. I'm ordering the second trade today!

Review by

As a fan of Marvel Comics, and as a fan of the horror / zombie genre, I knew that I had to pick up a copy of Marvel Zombies. I was not disappointed. Like other reviewers have said, the story line itself is quite lacking. The entirety of this volume is basically get hungry, eat things, lament about what they've done, get hungry, eat more things, and so on. It would have been nice to have a little bit more of the backstory included in this volume instead of the blurb you get that tries to catch you up to date.However, outside of that, I really enjoyed the artwork and I found the dialogue and scenarios to be quite amusing at times. I mean, who wouldn't laugh at a one-armed, one-legged Black Panther hobbling through a destroyed city with a crutch in one stump, and carrying the decapitated, but still talking, zombie head of Wasp in the other! Some of the scenarios had me shocked (i.e. the deaths of Silver Surfer and Galactus), and others saddened me (i.e. finding out that Spider-Man had eaten Aunt May and Mary Jane and was upset over what he had done).Despite it's few drawbacks, I'd still recommend Marvel Zombies to any Marvel or zombie horror fan. I can't wait to pick up the rest of the volumes!

Review by

This version of "Marvel Zombies" is issue 22 (volume 48) in Marvel’s “Ultimate Graphic Novels Collection”. It reprints the limited series by writer Robert Kirkman and artist Sean Phillips, originally published between December 2005 and April 2006. Marvel Zombies was once, both an affectionate and derogatory term, used to describe ultra-loyal Marvel fans who would only buy Marvel comics and would studiously avoid reading anything by Marvel’s 'Distinguished Competition' – or anyone else for that matter. In this series, however, Kirkman and Phillips use the term a bit more literally with Marvel’s superheroes (and most of the human population as well) being turned into ravenous, marauding zombies, when a space-borne virus arrives on an alternative Earth. (This builds on the storyline devised by Mark Millar and Greg Land in the Ultimate Fantastic Four issues 21 – 23). With their super-powers it doesn’t take the hero community long to feed they’re way through the normal population. With their hunger for flesh unabated the heroes are semi-crazed, but when the Silver Surfer followed by Galactus arrives they begin to see a way out of their dilemma. “Marvel Zombies” is a warped triumph of a satire from Kirkman who delivers a sick, grotesque and funny yarn. There’s little depth to the story – its more a rip-roaring, old-fashioned action / horror parody, with funny, witty dialogue, that moves from one bizarre and sick situation to the next without too much agonising over characterisation or plot depth. That said, Kirkman does keep the personalities of the heroes intact – Captain America remains the born leader, Giant Man remains the driven scientist and Spider-Man remains angst ridden (though in this story, not because of the death of Uncle Ben, but because he’s eaten Aunt May). Sean Phillips artwork works perfectly, with his scratchy, nervy style “beautifully” illustrating the grotesqueries on offer and adding horrific flourishes to an already “splattery” tale. The covers to the series were by the great (and greatly under-rated) Arthur Suydam who provides amazing zombified parodies of famous Marvel covers - these are perfect in every way! Like the rest of the “Ultimate Graphic Novels Collection” the book is a hardcover with excellent glossy, heavy stock pages. The extras in the book include a cover gallery of Suydam’s covers and the covers he parodied; an overview of Robert Kirkman and Sean Phillips’ careers and how they went about developing and designing the “Marvel Zombies” concept. Despite this story not being to everyone’s “taste” and despite many fans taking exception to the Marvel heroes being portrayed in this way, this is a smashing parody – clever, funny and nauseating in equal measure.