Spiders : The Ultimate Predators, Hardback Book


Spiders are the most successful terrestrial predators on earth and we are privileged to share the planet with at least 40,000 species of these remarkable animals.

From mountaintops to seashores and from ponds to deserts, spiders are all around us.

Their success lies in the astonishing array of techniques that have evolved to allow them to catch their prey; many are based on the spiders' secret weapon, silk, including the familiar orb-webs.

However, not all spiders sit and wait for prey to come to them; there are spiders that lassoo insects, others specialise in stealing from other spiders and some spit sticky silk over their prey.

There are fishing spiders, jumping spiders, and spiders that pretend to be ants; some even draw prey to their doom by mimicking moth pheromones.

Stephen Dalton's detailed photographs, unswervingly superb and beautiful, chronicle the diversity of the spider world.

Chapters are divided along broad ecological themes, with each focusing on different species, their habitats, hunting techniques, ecology and behaviour.

Also featured are chapters on spider anatomy, and a guide to photographing them.




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