God, Creation And Tools For Life, Paperback Book

God, Creation And Tools For Life Paperback

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Does God exist? Was the world created, or did it evolve? Where am I in the big picture of the universe?Most people have asked these questions but have no clear answers.

However, renowned psychic Sylvia Browne does. In God, Creation and Tools for Life she shares her 40 years of investigation into these issues.

Drawing from thousands of research sessions with Francine, Sylvia's spirit guide, along with Sylvia's own understanding of a number of riveting topics that are pertinent to humanity as a whole, you will have access to information that is mentally profound, spiritually moving, and eminently logical. Sylvia's spirit guide, Francine, who resides on the Other Side, lives within the presence of God and has access to a wealth of knowledge about the nature of creation.

Sylvia, then, becomes the human voice for Francine; she is able to share the fruits of her wisdom.

We are assured that God will respond to all questions -- our job is to ask the right questions and be receptive to the answers that we receive.

In doing so, we gain valuable tools for life.



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This series was such a comfort to me in my spiritual search. At first I was like many people are with Sylvia; I was skeptical. But after reading this series, many of the things she discussed seemed to "click" for me. She doesn't try to convince anyone of her abilities and she and her ministers and congregation seem to be on an honest search for the TRUTH. Regardless of what form it may come in. I would say though, if you aren't willing to keep an open mind about new things, this book is not for you.