Animal-speak, Paperback Book
4.5 out of 5 (5 ratings)


The animal world has much to teach us. Some animals are experts at survival and adaptation, some never get cancer, some embody strength and courage while others exude playfulness.

Animals remind us of the potential we can unfold, but before we can learn from them, we must must first be able to speak with them.


  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 400 pages, ill
  • Publisher: Llewellyn Publications,U.S.
  • Publication Date:
  • Category: Spiritualism
  • ISBN: 9780875420288

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Wonderful reference guide to animals, their behaviors and how they relate to our human lives.

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Everyone has an attraction to an animal-- my friend G. loves giraffes, J. loves elephants, K. loves wolves, E. is drawn for an unknown reason to owls; . We all know someone who collects frogs,turtles,cats,unicorns ,dragons,bluejays,...Like any of our human friends and family, the members of the animal family that we find ourselves drawn to influence us and affect us, and an acceptance and understanding of this connection expands our humanness and our own part in this amazing place. This is an inherent part of our experience as humans ,throughout the whole of our planet and all through the eons . It is not just relics of long ago religions of peoples distant from us -we are who we love, they are us.. This book talks to us about the wisdom that these friends have to share with us, what are the traits of these beasties that we are drawn to, what do these traits mean to us,and how can we use this knowledge to our mutual benefit.

Review by

Animal Speak by Ted Andrews is a guide to the wisdom that can be attained by taking a closer look at the animal kingdom. In it, Andrews provides techniques for recognizing and interpreting the signs and omens of the natural world. With insights into the myths/lore and history surrounding animals, Animal Speak helps you to discover the power and spiritual significance of more than 100 different mammals, birds, insects, and reptiles. For anyone interested in Native American culture, shamanism, connecting with and understanding the creatures that share the Earth with us, Animal Speak is a must read book. Throughout history, animals have appeared in the art, stories, fairy tales/fables, and songs or every culture. Animal archetypes are so enduring within the human subconscious, that many people are fascinated by the habits of a particular animal or group of animals. Andrews explores the meaning of the animals we choose to share our lives with, the animals that appear to us in dreams, the animals we have always been interested in studying, and even the animals that frighten us. Animal Speak examines more than 100 creatures and their habitats. Andrews discusses the intricacies of the relationship between predator and prey, reading signs and omens in nature, the special significance of colors, patterns, and numbers in the natural world, and the meaning of landscapes. In the second half of the book, Andrews provides a large dictionary of animal totems, including birds, mammals, insects and reptiles. For each animal, the author imparts valuable information on animal behavior and physical characteristics, as well as a detailed mythological history. Even readers who don't subscribe to Shamanism will find the information Andrews provides on the mating, feeding and other behaviors invaluable in understanding the creatures we share the earth with. Animal Speak teaches the reader to pay more attention to, listen and learn from the animals around us. By translating the language of animals for the reader, Andrews gives insights into what the natural world has to teach us. It's a wonderful reference that I can see myself referring to again and again.

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"Part of understanding the Self is about connecting with other beings. Learn about how animals represent aspects of ourselves in powerful ways that will give you more intuitive guidance into who you are and the symbolic meaning of events in your life."

Review by

Ted Andrew’s book is a rather popular book on totemism for those new to the topic. His work, while good for a general overview on the subject, is certainly not the be-all and end-all of any kind of totemism. A lot of the books pages are taken up by an animal dictionary, which while an informative read, is somewhat counterintuitive to personal symbolism at times. One thing I do like about this book is that it doesn’t directly bolster itself as being “Native American” or working off of “genuine Native American totemism” which it certainly is not of which you sometimes see in other books. However, the cover of the book and some of the drawings within the book itself may unfortunately give off that imprecision. Regardless, it is a rather good beginners book to totemism and working with animals.