Krimson, Paperback Book
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In the second part of the Vampire Babylon trilogy, in this sequel to Emson's bestselling Skarlet, the vampire plague continues to spread.


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When i brought this home from the library i didn't realize that it was the second book in a trilogy. I didn't read the blurb on the back and checked it out purely because i liked the picture on the cover an knew immediately that it was my sort of thing. I considered taking it back but at the time i was bookless and carried on reading. Emson weaved in enough back story in the first couple of chapters for me to grasp the gist of what occurred in book one and a general idea of the characters. It says on the front cover "Twilight it ain't" in fact there is a passing reference in the book, where a girl, observing the carnage created by purely evil, hideous, bloodthirsty vampires comments that, they weren't nice, not like they were supposed to be according to Twilight, which i found quite amusing (i am a dyed in the wool Twilight fan but do have a sense of humour about it too) Descendants of Nebuchadnezzar have insinuated themselves in prominent positions in politics and the military, with the goal of resurrecting an ancient demon, who feeds on blood and will spread a vampire plague. The water system is also poisoned with dust extracted from the bones of the ancient demon in order to infect the population of Britain. The plotters have managed to raise one of them to the position of prime minister, and together they engineer the release of the vampire plague and plan to reveal the demon in the Houses of Parliament. However, they are thwarted at every turn by Jake Lawton, who lives a nomadic existence under the radar, his only aim is to kill every vampire he sees and throw a spanner in the works of every plot he discovers. He is a constant thorn (or stake) in the side of those who wish to create a vampire nation. He succeeds only in part, he defeats the demon raised but, by this time the plague has spread and chaos is spreading across the nation. He does all he can to rescue his comrades and is left with a choice at the end of the book, to stay and fight in Britain, or, as his partner and lover has chosen to do, leave for Iraq , with Romainian comrades to seek out and kill Nimrod, the demon of all demons, who, if killed will end the plague forever. A compulsive read. Great description of a city descending into choas and depravity. Also author of the entertaining, disturbing and very readable Zombie Britannica.

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