Skinny Legs and All, Paperback Book

Skinny Legs and All Paperback

3.5 out of 5 (5 ratings)




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All you need to know about the Middle East conflict. It makes you wonder why we're still debating this. With his usual humour and incredible creativity, Robbins gives an educational lesson on the evolution of mankind.

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Vast story, much happens, nice to snuggle in with. Best thing about this book though: his writing. tom robbins is a master with words. he weilds them like weapons. he juggles with them, plays with them, has so much fun with them. i need to read more of him.

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This one took a while to "get into" but once there, it has remained with me. While the sock and the spoon were OK, it was the can of beans that stuck in my head. I keep asking myself how it crossed the ocean without rusting away...

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I sped through the first half and then got bogged down in his preachiness. Though I agreed with him on most of his sermons, I found myself not wanting to, thus transforming myself into a conservative suffering from reliogiophilia. Still, it was quite humorous in a smack you in the face kind of way.

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I am enamored with everything I've read by Tom Robbins... until now. This is the third time I've tried to read this in 20 years. I mean, how in the world could I find a Tom Robbins book this awful, it had to have been my own ignorance, but this time, Tom... It's not me, it's YOU. Worst effort I've seen by you with such a promising plot. Hard to believe but your snarkiness, sarcasm, and wit comes off more as self-righteousness, egotistical slobber, and sophomoric half-assed unthoughtfulness. Very, very disappointed in you. For shame.