Project X: Alien Adventures: Turquoise: Class Pack x 36, Multiple copy pack Book

Project X: Alien Adventures: Turquoise: Class Pack x 36 Multiple copy pack

Illustrated by Jonatronix

Part of the Project X series


The micro-friends arrive on Planet Exis, but a space villain called Badlaw is waiting for them!

Now Nok needs the friends' help to defeat Badlaw and save the planet.

Find out what happens in Planet Exis. In Attack of the Buzzles, our heroes are chased by a swarm of scary-looking insects will they be able to get away?Nok leads the micro-friends to his home to find his parents, the King and Queen of Exis, but the palace is deserted.

Find out what's happened to them in The Empty Palace. In Battle with the Beast, the mysterious Arkon explains to Max, Cat, Ant, Tiger and Nok about the mission that they must go on but first they must face a giant energy beast!Nok loses the precious mission map in Nurp Stampede.

Find out if the micro-friends can get it back before they are spotted by Badlaw's Krools.

In The Trap, Nok is caught in a trap set by the Krools.

Find out if Max, Cat, Ant, Tiger and Seven can save him in time. Each book comes with notes on the inside front and back covers for teachers, TAs and parents/carers, which give question prompts and points for discussion, challenge words, and additional activities that children can do.



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