Nookietown, Paperback / softback Book


Nookietown is the story of two friends - Lucy, divorced, and Nancy, long-time married, and what happens when Nancy asks Lucy to sleep with her husband to save the marriage.

Together they discover that most of the wives in town are bored of having sex with their husbands.

It seems they wish someone else would jump in once and a while and take up the slack, someone they could trust to not break up their marriage but occasionally satisfy the imbalance of desire.

The husbands in town would give anything for a little sexual variety, and the divorcees in town are crazy-horny but striking out online and don't want a serious commitment.

Lucy, Nancy and their friends embark on a barter business arrangement with other adventurous wives and divorcees in town wherein the wives sub-contract the divorcees of their choosing to sleep with their husbands.

The divorcees are vetted to make sure they have no interest in breaking up marriages and the wives get to decide how often, with whom, and what will and won't transpire.

It's a win-win-win. For a little while. Then it all goes to hell in a hand-basket. Nookietown is a racy romp that pushes buttons. It's about married sex, divorced sex, monogamy, infidelity, truth, desire and shifting allegiances between friends.

But most importantly, it's funny. Ask yourself, "Would I sign up for The Program?" Then ask your friends if they would.

Your friends may surprise you. You may even surprise yourself!




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