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Who are the Book Fairies?

The Book Fairies help with various campaigns, which involves receiving boxes of books, stickering them up, then on the campaign day they run around the London underground hiding copies of the book - and share their hiding places on social media!

Cordelia, Chief Book Fairy

Meet Cordelia, director of Books on the Underground and Chief Book Fairy. "I basically grew up in the children's corner of my dad's bookshop in a little Hampshire village, and have always loved reading. I've been involved in Books on the Underground since 2012, when I started looking after the social channels and dropping a few books. Our founder, Hollie Belton, left the UK and fully handed over the reins in 2015, and I've been busy building up an amazing team of Book Fairies since then. Since starting Books on the Underground, we have branched out internationally."