Booksellers Recommend

There is no one more qualified or experienced to recommend the next book you’re going to love than those who sell the books themselves. Some of Hive's independent booksellers – people who eat, sleep and breathe the books they sell – have chosen a title they think readers might enjoy next, and the reasons why they think so. 

Who better to help you fall in love with your next book, than the people who love them just as much as you do?

Sally Pattle - Far from the Madding Crowd

Taking inspiration from Charles Manson’s terrible crimes in 1969, The Girls is brilliantly written by Emma Cline, setting the difficulties of 14 year old Evie Boyd growing up against the brutality and seduction of a violent cult.

The Girls

Emma Cline



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Millie McCosh - Atkinson Pryce Books

For most of his life Dahl wrote weekly letters to his mother chronicling his life experiences, frustrations and excitements. This magnificent biography shows how his mother encouraged him to tell stories and we can witness his development into one of the greatest children’s writers of all time.

Sarah Donaldson - Red Lion Books

No races are straightforward for an elephant in the jungle. What with the colours of the elephants, the monkeys, the hippos, the trips and bumps. But at last all the little elephants, made it to the finish line. And some things are more important than finishing first. Elmer never disappoints.”

Elmer and the Race

David McKee



Tim O'Kelly - One Tree Books

In 1964 Patricia Highsmith moved to Suffolk ostensibly to escape her fans and write. Using all the tropes of a Highsmith novel, Dawson brilliantly captures the sense of mental instability, sexual ambivalence and murder in this imagined story.”

The Crime Writer

Jill Dawson



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Richard Knowles - Rickaro Books

From the author of The Miniaturist comes a sensational novel about aspirations and identity, love, obsession and deception. Packed with drama and intrigue, this exhilarating novel is sure to grip the reader’s imagination.”

The Muse

Jessie Burton



Sheila O'Reilly - Dulwich Books

Set in Liverpool during WWII this is a wartime adventure for readers of 10+. The hardship of war, rationing dominates the lives of Joan and her best friend Doreen in this tale of friendship and overcoming fear.

Whistling in the Dark

Shirley Hughes