The Deadliest Bite : Jaz Parks series: book 8, Paperback Book

The Deadliest Bite : Jaz Parks series: book 8 Paperback

Part of the Jaz Parks series

4 out of 5 (5 ratings)


Jaz is no longer in a hurry. Working as a consultant has its perks, and one of them is the option to say, 'No I don't feel like killing anybody for you this week. Call me at the end of June.' If I'm still alive. Because by then she'd be finished with her trip to Hell, where she would've carved Brude's name into its bile-encrusted gates. Or lost her soul. For now she and Vayl are content to wait for Raoul's signal that the time is ripe, while playing hide-and-seek in Vayl's massive Victorian manor. That is, until their doorbell rings, just as Cassandra calls to warn Jaz that Vayl is about to be staked by his long lost son. Jaz quickly stops this from happening, but finds herself pulled into a tangled web that takes the gang to Romania. So how will Jaz save a ghost, rescue a demon and cheat the Great Taker out of a soul he's slavering for while defeating her nastiest foe yet so that Vayl can, at last, cherish a few precious years with his sons? With careful planning, major violence, and one (hopefully) final trip to Hell.


  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 336 pages
  • Publisher: Little, Brown & Company
  • Publication Date:
  • Category: Fantasy
  • ISBN: 9780316043816



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Review by

This is the eighth and final book in the Jaz Parks series by Rardin. It was a wonderful way to end the series. Definitely one to read, especially if you are a fan of the series. You do need to read the previous books to fully understand what happens in this book since it is closely tied to previous plot elements.This book starts out with Jaz and Vayl on vacation enjoying each others company. That is until someone shows up at the door and tries to assassinate Vayl, at the same time Jaz gets a frantic call from Cassandra telling Jaz not to kill the assassin because he is one of Vayl's sons reincarnated. in addition to traveling to hell to finally get Brude out of Jaz's head and banished to Hell again, they have to hunt down Vayl's other son, rescue a ghost, and not get killed doing it. It will take the whole gang to succeed...and a trip to Romania.This was an absolutely wonderful book. All of our favorite characters from previous books are back and play major roles. Astrid, the robo-kitty, is even more hilarious than normal. And we finally get to go to Hell!This book had a lot of laughs, a lot of butt-kicking, and was just in general awesome. If you are a big fan of this series you will not be disappointed. I loved it and was sad when it was over.Overall an excellent installment in this series, and excellent ending to this series. I am sad we won't be seeing anymore books from Rardin, but happy that she left us with such a wonderful conclusion to this series.

Review by

The Deadliest Bite is the eighth and final book in the Jaz Parks series. It's not a habit of mine to read series in the middle or near the end of them. I like to be able to see the character arc throughout the series plus it's usually easier to keep up when a recurring minor character pops up. This is one of those instances where it would've been better for me to read the other books first. The plot can stand on it's own but I probably would've been more invested in the outcome of the events if I understood better what was at stake.

Review by

It's the final adventure for Jaz Parks in this 8th installment of the series, published posthumously after the untimely death of the author last year. It's an ending to a series (and a life), finished too soon.I don't want to spoil the satisfying end to the series so I am choosing to be a bit vague in this review, I would expect that you would want to savour the finale for yourself.Rardin neatly ties up the ongoing story arcs but manages to maintain the tension throughout and throw in a few unexpected twists. Jaz and Vayle are enjoying a few days of relaxation as they try to figure out how to unlock the Rocenz and evict Brude when they are rudely interrupted by an attempt on Vayle's life. There is no time to consider the implications though, Jaz's headaches and nosebleed's are getting worse and unless she can carve Brude's name on the Gates of Hell she will lose everything. With Jack and Astral in tow, the entire gang, plus a few surprising extra's collected along the way, head to Romania for a final vicious showdown in the pits of Hell.Jaz is at her best with her with quick witted sarcasm and kick ass attitude, but it's balanced with her recognition and acceptance of her fierce passion for Vayle, friends and family. She finally recognises that love can transcend all (though a sharp sword and a hand gun don't go astray) and it gives her a new strength, both physically and emotionally. For Vayle there is closure, it may be bittersweet but it means he can finally stop searching for his soul. The rest of the team also find the best of themselves, there is a wedding, a baby, a soul mate, a fledgling romance and an act of astonishing bravery (you decide which belongs to whom).The Deadliest Bite is a fast paced, action packed final installment that leads to a definitive and satisfying culmination for the series. I am sad to see it all end, but happy with the bittersweet conclusion, and I believe fans will be too.

Review by

This was the 8th and final Jaz Parks book written by Rardin whom unfortunately passed away in 2010.I had not read the first 7 books in this series but found that the story was well written enough that I was able to read it as a stand alone although I now plan to go back and read the first 7 books.A good read if you are looking for bad ass demon butt kicking action,crazy characters with a sense of humor, a bit of insanity and romance to boot.I give Jaz and her motley group of willing and reluctant demon fighters a recommendation of 3.5 out of 5 stars!

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Star rating might change. Review coming in May.

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