Exit Strategy : Number 1 in series, Paperback Book

Exit Strategy : Number 1 in series Paperback

Part of the Nadia Stafford series

3.5 out of 5 (7 ratings)


A brand new series - non-supernatural - involving a female assassin.Nadia Stafford is an ex-cop - fired after she shot a child killer.

She now works for one small mafia family: the way she sees it, no one innocent is getting hurt.But then a serial killer starts murdering innocent people in the style of a hitman.

The police investigation threatens to unmask several professional hitmen, including Nadia.

So she bands together with five other hitmen, including her mentor, the mysterious Jack.

Together they decide to hunt down the killer - but perhaps that's just what he wants.

Are they walking into a devious and brilliantly planned trap?


  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 496 pages
  • Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group
  • Publication Date:
  • Category: Thriller / suspense
  • ISBN: 9780751538120

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Review by

If you're reading this book for a paranormal character or an urban fantasy stop now. You won't get that here.If you're reading for a kick-ass female character who knows guns and works in a man's world, then you're reading the right book. This isn't typical Kelley Armstrong fare, this is a mystery. A "chase the hitman serial killer" type of book. Fans of Jeff Lindsay's Dexter might like this story, the female lead, Nadia, is an assassin. She used to be a cop until she killed a guy who got away, she got into assassination because her B&B was having trouble getting started. With a past in Law Enforcement she is fighting certain instincts.The story is about a group of assassins who decide that the serial killer who is taking out innocent people in the style of a hit man is threatening business and needs to be stopped, so they band together to stop him. All with different motives and all nervous about this teaming up thing.It's interesting, it does have holes that would unravel if you pick at them but I enjoyed the ride. I don't know that I wasn't expecting a slightly different book but it was still a good read.

Review by

This is quite a change of direction from Kelly Armstrong, author of the 'Women of the Otherworld' series.Nadia is an ex-cop turned contract killer. She's a kind of vigilante, only targeting mob vendors who go too far (her first job was someone who ignored the warnings and killed a hooker he was meant to be protecting).There's an interesting, although to my mind rather implausible, network of other guns for hire and their mentors and the like, discussion of types of contract killers and so much more, dotted around a man hunt. The back cover gives away that they're hunting for a contract killer apparently turned serial killer, and the pace keeps up and keeps you engaged despite the flaws.Not so good as the best of her other books, and the adrenaline junkie heroine is rather reminiscent of Paige and Elena, but it feels fresher and it's good enough I'll read another one.

Review by

Interesting premise, and makes a change from this author's earlier books about werewolves and witches. Hard to recommend wholeheartedly as it goes on a bit. The heroine is likeable, though you want to hit her over the head when she's being so obtuse about her mentor. The main issue is one of likelihood - it often feels a mite implausible.

Review by

A light and perhaps fluffy read, that hit the right spot at the right time. I enjoyed this and liked the characters. Nadia is an ex-cop with a troubled past, who has turned assassin to pay her bills. She teams up with other assassins when a serial killer starts killing people hitman style, and their careers are all put in jeopardy.

Review by

Interesting premise - a bit difficult for readers to empathise with, which makes a few of the actions of our heroine a little odd, but generally well done and entertaining.Nadia Stafford is that rarest of beings, a female professional hitman (she never refers to herself as a hitwoman, or hitperson, so I won't either). A serial killer hits the media, and the implication quickly becomes that he is a professional hitman too - the increased FBI attention endagering all of that exclusive profession. Spearheaded by the morose Jack, Nadia is invited to join a select few looking to permenantly stop the killer, before they're all rounded up in his wake.TBC

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