A Really Short History Of Nearly Everything, Paperback book

A Really Short History Of Nearly Everything[Paperback]

by Bill Bryson

3.50 out of 5 (3 ratings)

Random House Children's Publishers Uk 
Publication Date:
02 September 2010 
Science & technology: general interest 


Bill's own fascination with science began with a battered old schoolbook he had when he was about ten or eleven years old in America. It had an illustration that captivated him - a cutaway diagram showing Earth's interior as it would look if you cut into it with a large knife and carefully removed about a quarter of its bulk. And he very clearly remembers thinking: 'How do they know that'? Bill's story-telling skill makes the 'How?' and, just as importantly, the 'Who?' of scientific discovery entertaining and accessible for all ages. In this exciting edition for younger readers, he covers the wonder and mysteries of time and space, the frequently bizarre and often obsessive scientists and the methods they used, the crackpot theories which held sway for far too long, the extraordinary accidental discoveries which suddenly advanced whole areas of science when the people were actually looking for something else (or in the wrong direction) and the mind-boggling fact that, somehow, the universe exists and, against all odds, life came to be on this wondrous planet we call home.

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  • bill brysons writing skills are outstanding and this is his best book by far!this is practically a "science for dummies" which me at the age of 12 can clearly understand and even make good dinner conversation. bryson also has a fantastic sence of humour which he lets loose in this great book! 5 stars!

    5.00 out of 5


  • The author has a good sense of humor, is able to provide history in an interesting perspective, and is able to explain science in understandable language. This an interesting read.

    3.50 out of 5


  • I liked this book, but found it a little difficult to sift through as their is an intense amount of facts combined to make one book. It reminds me of the question and answer books that I used to read as a kid except for a much harder to follow version. The author, Bill Bryson, suggests he has spent the past 50 years getting answers to all the difficult questions we have. He has definitely accomplished this goal and has brought light to several questions that weigh on the minds of readers. I di like the comical illustartions and I think that they appeal to kids who decide to give this intimidating book a try.

    2.00 out of 5


  • This book is really interesting. It covers a huge variety of science topics and explained them in an easy to understand way. It had lots of great pictures, and the way many were sporadically arranged on the page helped to make the book to have an interesting look. It would be really neat for a grade school age child to look through to get inspiration to learn more about a specific subject. It is neat that Bryson wrote this version of his book "A short history of nearly everything" for a younger reader.

    out of 5


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