An Elephant In The Garden, Paperback book

An Elephant In The Garden[Paperback]

by Michael Morpurgo

3.94 out of 5 (8 ratings)

HarperCollins Publishers 
Publication Date:
09 June 2011 
Animal stories 


A thrilling and moving novel about an extraordinary animal caught up in a very human war, for anyone who loved The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips or The Butterfly Lion...By the award-winning former Children's Laureate and author of War Horse. Dresden, 1945. Elizabeth and Karli's mother works at the zoo, where her favourite animal is a young elephant named Marlene. Then the zoo director tells her that the dangerous animals - including the elephants - must be shot before the town is bombed. Unable to give Marlene up, their mother moves her into the back garden to save her...and then the bombs start to fall. Their home destroyed, the whole family must flee the bombed-out city and through the perilous, snow-covered landscape, all the while avoiding the Russian troops who are drawing ever closer. It would be hard enough to do, without an elephant in tow...

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  • By the author of War Horse, this is the story of a German family on the run after the bombing of Dresden. Well-written, easy read.

    5.00 out of 5


  • A wonderful, moving and inspiring story from a brilliant storyteller.

    5.00 out of 5


  • Dying in a hospital bed, Lizzie tells her story to a nurse and her young son. During World War II, Lizzie's mom brought home an elephant, Marlene, from the local zoo. Karli, Lizzie's brother instantly fell in love with Marlene. Forced to flee the city when it was destroyed by bombs, the family takes the elephant with them. Often, the elephant acted as an ice breaker between the family and other refugees.This was a fast paced quick read. I think it is perfect for pre-teens and young teenagers. The characters were well designed and were very realistic. Overall, I really enjoyed this book.

    5.00 out of 5


  • I loved this book! It is yet another wonderful example of Young adult genre transcends a specific age category.During WWII Dresden Germany was blasted/bombed unmercifully. This is a tale of an older woman, now in a nursing home, who recounts the story of her brave mother who worked in the zoo and fearing that an elephant she had tended since its childhood would die in the war, brought the animal home.When Dresden was bombed the family left the ruined city and made a trek westward with the elephant in tow.This is an insightful story of an elephant who was saved and in turn saved a family.Highly recommended.

    4.00 out of 5


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