Feel The Fear Power Planner, Paperback book

Feel The Fear Power Planner: 90 Days To A Fuller Life[Paperback]

by Susan J. Jeffers

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Ebury Press 
Publication Date:
05 April 2001 
Coping with Personal Problems 


Those who have read the incredible worldwide bestsellers, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway and Feel the Fear and Beyond will recognise Susan Jeffers' brilliant idea of the 'Power Planner'. This is a step-by-step guide for incorporating all her strategies for developing a fuller, richer life in one, easy-to-use, simple chart. Each day, for three months, you write down things to be grateful for - and also give yourself tasks to fulfil that you find particularly difficult. These may be in the fields of relationships, friends, family, work, time off or spirituality. By risking small steps at a time, supporting and encouraging yourself, you can certainly learn to enjoy your life in a more conscious, loving, giving and powerful way. And this book will help you do so.

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