From Here To Infinity, Paperback book

From Here To Infinity[Paperback]

by Ian Stewart

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Oxford University Press 
Publication Date:
04 April 1996 
Educational: Mathematics & Numeracy 


A retitled and revised edition of Ian Stewart's The Problem of Mathematics, this is the perfect guide to today's mathematics. Read about the latest discoveries, including Andrew Wile's amazing proof of Fermat's Last Theorem, the newest advances in knot theory, the Four Colour Theorem, Chaos Theory, and fake four-dimensial spaces. See how simple concepts from probability theory shed light on the National Lottery and tell you how to maximize your winnings. Discover how infinitesimals become respectable, why there are different kinds of infinity, and how to square the circle with the mathematical equivalent of a pair of scissors.

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  • Only after a many-years-delayed borrowing of this paperback by interlibrary loan did I find out it is a third edition of _The Problems of Mathematics_ (1987, 1992), which I had already read. It's very good though, and it does include some newer stuff.

    out of 5


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