If I Die, Paperback book

If I Die[Paperback]

by Rachel Vincent

4.73 out of 5 (15 ratings)

Harlequin (uk) 
Publication Date:
03 February 2012 
Fantasy romance (Teenage) 


Banshee Kaylee Cavanaugh and Sabine, her boyfriend's needy ex-girlfriend, join forces to get rid of the new teacher-incubus Mr. Beck-- before he discovers they aren't quite human, either.

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  • IF I DIE is the absolute best book in the Soul Screamers series so far! There are two things I have come to expect from Rachel Vincent’s books. First, expect the unexpected. She has an impressive ability to break genre rules and work outside the box. And second, her books have an uncanny ability of breaking my heart into teeny-tiny pieces. Couples are never promised a Happily-Ever-After and no character is untouchable by death or injury. IF I DIE didn’t let me down.Rachel Vincent starts this book out with a bang. She tackles a very serious life and death issue within the first couple chapters. It hooked me in and couldn’t put this book down. It was an emotionally tough for me to read, but was extremely well written. She handles these issues in a very delicate and real way. It has probably never been said that Rachel shies away from controversial subject matterKaylee has once again found herself sinking in quicksand. Her life is falling down around her. Her friends and family are trying everything they can to help her out of an impossible situation. She has grown emotionally from book to book, and this book is no different. She excepts her limitations, and uses her energy, time, and skills to help her friends and family.As always, Kaylee’s love life isn’t making things any easier. Kaylee and Nash are trying to get their relationship back after some bumps in the road. They are trying to move on, make new memories, and forgive past indiscretion. Then there is Nash’s mara ex-girlfriend Sabine, who is torn between stealing Nash from her and wanting to be Kaylee’s friend. Kaylee isn’t sure if she can really trust Sabine when the chips are down. Not to mention Nash’s sexy brother Tod, the reaper who is always there to help when Kaylee is in need. He has become her white knight, but instead of wearing shining armor he’s dressed in his pizza delivery uniform.Rachel Vincent has a knack of turning her fictional worlds up-side-down, and making them all the better for it. Things happen that I never see coming. She has a way of finding unique and ingenious solutions to problems. This always keeps me guessing. The last few chapter of this book shattered my heart, but gave me hope for Kaylee’s future.IF I DIE is heart-wrenching, shocking, and whispers of new beginnings to come! This book is a real game changer for this series. Bravo Rachel Vincent, you have skillfully develop characters that the readers can‘t help but be emotionally attached to! This book has cemented the Soul Screamers series on my must read list. If you enjoy reading unique and thought provoking Paranormal YA, you should picked up Rachel Vincent’s Soul Screamer’s series!

    5.00 out of 5


  • Just when we thought things we looking up for Kaylee Cavanaugh If I Die will crush all of the previous assumptions. Rachel Vincent is an incredibly talented author with several incredible series under her belt. While I find it hard to rate my favorite ; the Soul Screamers puts up one good fight for the running. This latest addition takes everything readers have come to love about the series, and turn it topsy turvy. From the start it is obvious that this was not just going to be an easy addition to the well loved story. As the story progresses Vincent will build the twists and turns until readers find a whole new story, and momentum for the story to continue to strong. I love to write reviews that allow readers some description of the story, but this novel was so action packed that to do so would mean spoiling some of the story. That is just something I can not in good conscious do so I apologize for not for reviewing in part of the direct story, but this is one you just to experience for yourself. Soul Screamers is a BookWhisperer Recommended series, as is every other wonderful series that Rachel Vincent has created. She is a wonderful storyteller that will have you addicted from the start.  

    5.00 out of 5


  • Another wonderful book in the series! Vincent has written a thrilling and tearjerking novel with the resolution of Kaylee's and Nash's relationship and Kaylee's dealing with the news of her own imminent death. Loved the ending! Definitely per-ordering "Before I Wake", the next book in the series.

    5.00 out of 5


  • ***spoilers might be present ***So, Kaylee is trying to fix another supernatural entity from invading her world and this one attacks right at school. Mr Beck is the math teacher and is also an incubus. He doesn't outright kills people, but some of his actions are starting to have that effect. Kaylee enlists Sabine to help her get to the bottom of this evil, like being a math teacher isn't evil enough. Tod gets some information on Kaylee that will have you spinning and well, Nash, isn't quite himself again. This one is my absolute favorite of the series. All of the snarky sarcasm, plot twists and turns and wonderful characters are here and so believable that I can die happy now. Everything happened just as I wanted it too, well, almost.Kaylee further develops the back bone that started to grow in My Soul to Steal. It is nice to see her take charge and grow. There is a bit more to Tod than meets the eye and more of his back story starts to come out including one revelation that really explains a lot about Nash and their relationship. I had always thought Nash was not quite right for Kaylee and there was something about him that really bugged me, now I know why. I really hope that the story continues since I can see a whole new direction for Kaylee. When I first heard the rumors about Kaylee and the way this one ended, I though, well, that's the end of the series, but now I think it is just the start.

    5.00 out of 5


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