Old Bear, Hardback book

Old Bear[Hardback]


4.00 out of 5 (3 ratings)

Salariya Book Company LTD 
Publication Date:
01 September 2012 
Picture Books 


A beautifully-illustrated classic picture book from popular author-illustrator Jane Hissey tells the familiar story of how a much-loved teddy bear is lost and finally found again. Bramwell Brown and his friends Little Bear, Duck and Rabbit attempt to rescue Old Bear from the attic using a number of ingenious methods. This special limited collector's edition includes scrapbook pages of bonus material making this a truly special gift for children to share and treasure.

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  • Old Bear by Jane Hissey is what I may call a new book, 1986, but one that feels like a classic. The story is about four stuffed animals that are trying to rescue Old Bear from the attic. The personification is very believable as the four problem solve and work through different ways to get to Old Bear in the attic. The dialogue is simple, but does send some subtle messages to children regarding what is right and wrong. What attracted me to this book was the cover and the warm, yet soft toned pictures continue to engage the reader throughout the story.

    5.00 out of 5


  • I kinda would have thought this was a much older book. I mean, 1986? Was it that long ago?? <br/>But, the story is in the old vein. It's a new classic, of sorts. Nothing striking maybe, but a nice story of friendship, friends who are ready to do anything in their power to help out one of theirs. My son, just 4, was quite touched by the story, but also the illustrations for which he often asked for extra time to admire them before I would turn the page. The pictures are super realistic. Sweet story!<br/>It's great to see that there's a whole series out there about Old Bear and Friends.

    4.00 out of 5


  • A group of toys go on a mission to rescue an old teddy bear from the attic. The beautiful art in this book will capture children's imaginations very well, as the animals are clearly depicted as being toys come alive. This is a short, heartwarming story about helping out a friend, and how friendship eases loneliness.

    3.00 out of 5


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