Shadow Bound, Paperback book

Shadow Bound[Paperback]

by Rachel Vincent

3.25 out of 5 (4 ratings)

Harlequin (uk) 
Publication Date:
01 June 2012 


IF ALL YOU KNOW IS SHADOWS, YOU BEGIN TO FORGET THE LIGHT...Shadow-walker Kori, able to travel from one human shadow to another, keeps her powers hidden from the world. Until supernatural crime lord Tower imprisons her and suppresses her magic. Freedom for her, and her magician sister Kenley, now comes at price. The job? Recruit Ian Holt, a man who can manipulate darkness - or kill him. Yet Ian has a mission of his own: assassinate Kenley, whose unique powers give Tower a deadly advantage in their underworld. Fighting for two different sides, Kori and Ian can't deny the desperate magnetic pull that draws them together. But in a world of black and white, of good and evil, can their love survive in the shadows? A MUST-READ for fans of KELLEY ARMSTRONG

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  • This was another great story be Rachel Vincent. At the beginning of this story you know that Ian and Kori are going to end up together at the end, but seeing how the story comes together is great. It's amazing to me how she pulls her characters out of impossible situations and still keep the story realistic (or as realistic as a fantasy fiction can be) :) there are some surprises in this story and we see many of the characters for<br/> Blood Bound. Can't wait to see where we go in the next story.

    4.00 out of 5


  • BLOOD BOUND was a slam dunk for me so when I saw that SHADOW BOUND was set to release it was a must have on my wish list. I was all set to purchase the book so that it could join BLOOD BOUND on my bookshelf and then I read a review on SHADOW BOUND and was so disappointing that I might not like the book so I was all set to not even read it at all. Netgalley ended up throwing it up for review so I was like what the heck at least I will know what happens so I can read book 3 when it comes out and not be lost. I just got done reading it and THANK GOODNESS I didn't pass it up It looks like SHADOW BOUND will be joining book 1 on my shelf after all. If you have read book 1 you know who Kori is and what went down. SHADOW BOUND starts up 6 weeks after the previous events with Kori getting out of her punishment for her role in what happened in the Tower house. She has been beaten, raped and all around tortured. She is then send for more punishment as Tower forces her to be a new recruited personal recruiter and get him to sign anyways she can or else he will subject Kori's sister to the same treatment she herself was forced to endure. Ian is on a mission to kill Kori's sister to save his brother from a binding that was placed on him and that is slowly killing him. He never expected to be attracted to Kori let alone not want to kill her sister for fear of hurting her.The main parts of SHADOW BOUND takes place over a very short couple days so some of the stuff written is a little unbelievable. Kori and Ian's attraction right off was a little off because of what Kori went through but in her defense she was far from throwing herself at Ian. I think Vincent did a good job of writing in her feelings I just think it would have made more sense if a little more time had passed. I enjoyed both of their characters and the world building of the unbound series was again pretty darn awesome to witness. I love that past characters got a little role and I hope that that continues with the next books. The emotions are pretty dark and I admit I was bawling my eyes out a few moments throughout. I went in thinking that I was going to hate SHADOW BOUND but I ended up pleased with the outcome. I'm interested to see who will be the main characters in OATH BOUND.

    4.00 out of 5


  • There is no doubt that Rachel Vincent is among the best authors of paranormal novels on the market today. She has a more than proven track record. That said, I was somewhat disappointed with Shadow Bound. With the Unbound series, Vincent has created another amazing, horrifying world for her characters. It is a world where very few people have any kind of freedom especially if you happen to be one of the skilled. If you have an skills (Kori, our heroine is a traveler and Ian the hero is a Blinder) at all then you are wanted by one of the powerful syndicates (think the ultimate mob lords). Kori is bound to work for Jake Tower. After the events of the previous novel, Kori has been removed from Jake's elite security team and has been punished, tortured, and locked in the basement. Jake finally removes Kori because he has a job for her. A very talented blinder has emerged with extremely rare skills. Kori needs to woo Ian and get him to sign on with Jake's team or he will hurt Kori and her sister Kenley, a binder. What Kori doesn't know is that Ian has an agenda of his own. Ian wants to get to Kenley.This world is truly horrifying. The consequences for disobedience are often fatal. Shadow Bound was interesting enough and I flew through the pages fairly quickly. The problem for me was that it felt like not a lot really happened. Kori and Ian meet and fall in instant love, much like it is in any romance novel. There are secrets between them. They talk a lot. They go out in public and get attacked every time. After awhile I wanted to yell at them for being dumb enough to go outside again. Then they come up with a plan to let everyone hopefully make it out of the book alive. I really liked the last part of this book. It was a great climax and the ending leaves the series in a very intriguing place. However, I just didn't think there was enough action along the way. This book ended up being just okay for me.

    3.00 out of 5


  • Oh, the disappointment. After my initial excitement with the concept of this world, SHADOW BOUND is a story I had to remind myself to go back and finish. All the intriguing magic and boundaries that fuel my interest turned out to be the mechanism that lost it again. The main characters are so hampered by the Oath system and their own lies, it really wasn't exciting to read how things would turn out. Even the most definitive victory is diluted by the "realities" of the syndicate system, a system which is so powerful and corrupt the very existence of these special few "heroes" just doesn't seem real.

    2.00 out of 5


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