The Come-Back Girl, Hardback book

The Come-Back Girl[Hardback]

by Katie Price

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Publication Date:
21 July 2011 
Modern & Contemporary 


Praise for Katie Price 'A fabulous guilty holiday pleasure' - heat Unabashedly laden with sex and OTT with glitz...Go on run yourself a bath full of bubbles and indulge in this page-turner - Now 'Glam, glitz, gorgeous Jordan!' - Woman 'A real insight into the celebrity world' - OK! 'Brilliantly bitchy' - New 'The perfect sexy summer read' New Woman 'A fun, blisteringly paced yet fluffy novel' Cosmopolitan 'Celebrity fans, want the perfect night in? Flick back those hair extensions, pull on the Juicy Couture trackie, then join Angel on her rocky ride to WAG central' - Scottish Daily

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  • A once starlet bent on regaining fame and getting her life back on track. Does she make it, ofcourse - plot twists are now why we read this kind of book.Plenty of sex, worrying about how they look and how things will look to the outside world.Despite any misgivings i may have had I found this to be a well written book with characters that were not just cardboard a plot that rang true and enough descriptive passages for a good visuaisation. Perhaps it is because this is a world that kate price inhabits so she knowes well, but she showed it well. People say write about what you know and she has done this to good effect.still not the kind of book that I will be bragging I have read, but I am a snob. but one which I am happy to acknolage as a holiday read - perhaps for the later teen in addtion to adult.well done katie, it is a book

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