The One Minute Manager Meets The Monkey, Paperback book

The One Minute Manager Meets The Monkey: Free Up Your Time And Deal With Priorities[Paperback]

by Kenneth H. Blanchard, William Oncken and Hal Burrows

5.00 out of 5 (1 ratings)

HarperCollins Publishers 
Publication Date:
04 December 2000 
Management & Management Techniques 


With a new foreword by Ken Blanchard How management can effectively rid themselves of 'monkeys' - other people's responsibilities that cling to them and prevent them managing efficiently. This book explains in simple-minded if abstract terms how to achieve a balance between supervision and delegation for reduced tension and improved productivity in the workplace. 'There is a high correlation between self-reliance and morale,' stress the authors. With humour and logic they describe the delicate business of assigning monkeys to the right masters and keeping them healthy, i.e., fed and cared for: '...if monkeys are managed properly, you don't have to manage people so much.'

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  • One of the best written descriptions of chaotic work environments and why we are all over worked. Should be mandatory reading for all Middle School students on up.

    5.00 out of 5


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