Young Sherlock Holmes 4: Fire Storm, Paperback book

Young Sherlock Holmes 4: Fire Storm [Paperback]

by Andrew, Lane

3.90 out of 5 (15 ratings)

Pan Macmillan 
Publication Date:
01 November 2011 
Crime & mystery fiction 


Teenage Sherlock has come up against some challenges in his time, but what confronts him now is baffling. His friend and her father have vanished. Their house looks as if nobody has ever lived in it. Sherlock begins to doubt his sanity, until a clever clue points him to Scotland. Following that clue leads him into a mystery that involves kidnapping, bodysnatchers and a man who claims he can raise the dead. Before he knows it, Sherlock is fighting for his life as he begins to work out out what has happened to his his friends. Will he be fast enough to save them? Sherlock Holmes. Think you know him? Think again.

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  • Picture it. The market town of Farnham. A street in the higher end of town scattered with passerby’s making their way to and from their chosen destinations. A young boy in search of a scrap of food to stave off the hunger gnawing at his gut steps down an alley and witnesses a curiosity the likes of which he has never seen. A strange black cloud seems to be emanating from a window of a tenant house…and then disappeared up and over the rooftop of the adjoining building. Peculiar activity for a cloud and yet there is no time to ponder this fact as the silence of the morning is pierced by a scream of pure terror. What pray tell has happened to illicit this cry and is it connected to the mysterious cloud apparition? A mystery in the making and as the death toll begins to pile up; the curiosity of one inquisitive young visitor to these parts is piqued. Who is this young soul? The greatest detective in the making, one Sherlock Holmes…at least he will be once he finishes his schooling. The game is afoot! Are you ready?The author’s treatment of Sherlock’s actual character falls right in line with the image readers are familiar with around the world....just in his growing stages. His love of conjecture that when honed becomes a valuable ally when all obvious explanations have been exhausted. His penchant for violin music eventually becomes a soundtrack of sorts to allow his mind to wander over the minute details of a case. His ability to discern what others can not developing with each and every human interaction. Speaking of which, let’s talk characters...There are many players of which to take note whether they star in a pivotal role or not, but a few outshine the rest. First and foremost of course we have Sherlock Holmes. Though a mere boy in age, his intellect burns as brightly as a candle in the darkest night…even if he does have a bit of growing up to do still. Then there is Matty Arnatt. He is a gypsy boy of sorts, though orphan currently, and makes his ends meet by filching what he can when he needs to as well as having the uncanny ability to not only show up just in the nick of time but also to disappear without leaving so much as a foot print in the dust. Mr. Amyus Crowe with great skills and vast knowledge but they seem a bit unorthodox for your average tutor....odd, but handy later on. As for the "baddies", one is kept guessing as to the very nature of the beast or villain they are dealing with and while I won’t go naming names to spoil your fun, I will say this…be prepared for a few surprises.To summarize, a wonderful book for younger teens through adults that love a good mystery with all the danger and adventure one could shake a fist at if they were so inclined. It’s rough and tumble action scenes combined with the quieter serene ponderings make for a journey readers won’t soon forget. Can't wait for book two! Happy reading....

    5.00 out of 5


  • Sherlock Holmes at fourteen... great stuff. I enjoyed this book and sharing the very first case of Sherlock Holmes, even before Dr. Watson came onto the scene.

    5.00 out of 5


  • Death Cloud by Andrew Lane was an exhilarating book! Featuring a young Sherlock Holmes at age 14 and his friends, several murders, a very creepy bad guy with an evil plot, some romance, and whole lot of action. I loved this mystery! Sherlock was depicted exactly as I would have imagined him to be at this age! I enjoyed seeing how the talent he already had and the skills he learned would turn him into the famous detective so well known. I also enjoyed seeing the word “deduced.” It’s probably my new favorite word.Sherlock’s tutor Mr. Crowe quickly became one of the best characters. Between the random bits of intelligence he was always giving, and the fact that he helped me understand a story problem that long has confused me, it was almost inevitable. Here’s the problem, a small taste of some of the problems and mysteries in this book:Three men decide to split the cost of a thirty shilling hotel room. Each fellow pays the manager ten shillings. The next morning the manager realizes he made a mistake in that a special rate was being charged on the room because of construction on the hotel. He sends a bellboy to give back five shillings. The men are so pleased they decide to each keep a shilling and give two to the boy as a tip. So each man ends up only paying nine shillings and the boy makes two. But, nine times three is twenty-seven shillings, and when you add the two shillings the boy got, it’s still only twenty-nine. Where did the missing shilling go?Not taken exactly from the text, I took out all the dialogue of them thinking it out, but it’s from pages 120 and 121. That problem has tortured my poor head since middle school and I actually squealed when the answer was explained! I leave you, dear reader, to the awful pondering that follows this story. But, unlike the evil classmate who posed this story to me, I’ve given you a way to find out the answer. Read Death Cloud!

    5.00 out of 5


  • The Good Stuff Exciting and fast paced Good mystery - not sure what's going to happen next Excellent character development - really see how young Holmes could develop into the fascinating Holmes that Doyle created As mentioned before really like how Lane teaches the readers about history, geography and science in such a brilliant subtle way, kids won't realize they are learning something Nicely placed humour to lighten some of the darker bits of the story Set in Scotland which gives in a neat twist and well my background is Scottish (way in the background as most of my family has been in Canada for a very long time) Finally find out more about the sly and nasty Mrs Eglantine Like the realistic relationship between Holmes and his friends and family Wow - quite the cliffhanger ending - now how long do I have to wait for the next installment Highly impressed we these books, they just get better and betterThe Not So Good Stuff Maybe a wee bit too dark and scary for younger readersFavorite Quotes/Passages"It was so stupid, he thought, that something as simple as inheriting land and a house from your parents could set you apart from other people. When he grew up he would make sure that he never made social distinctions between people like that.""The Scots themselves are a Celtic race, which means that they are prone to moods that range from maudlin depression to sudden anger.""There were even - Sherlock had to suppress a gasp at this - men wearing skirts.Matty noticed Sherlock's reaction. "Yeah," he said, sorry - I probably should have mentioned that. Took me by surprise when I was here a few years back.""Men with skirts? Well, maybe you thought I wouldn't notice,""They're not skirts," Matty said firmly. "They're kilts."Who Should/Shouldn't Read Will appeal to both male and female readers Would say more for the developed reader over the reluctant reader -- but that's just my opinion - if you need a more educated opinion ask your local children's or school Librarian This will appeal to those who like a good mystery Would be fabulous for a class discussion4.75 Dewey's I received this from HarperCollins in exchange for an honest review

    5.00 out of 5


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