Who's That Girl?, Paperback Book
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If only you knew then what you know now... Imagine if you could go back ten years and meet your younger self - would you recognise her? And what advice would you give? Wear sunscreen! Back away from those PVC trousers? DON'T give that idiot your phone number? Lemon juice won't bleach your hair - it just attracts wasps...

He's the one - don't let him go!For Charlotte Merryweather, there's no need to imagine.

She's about to find out for real. With surprising consequences... Alexandra Potter's deliciously funny and enchanting romantic comedy looks at life, love and what might happen if you could turn back time.


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Who's That Girl? By Alexandra Potter<br/>As I felt before with Alexandra Potter’s books, I think she picks great ideas and then doesn’t develop them enough.<br/>The great idea here was: what if you could travel back in time and advise yourself not to make the same mistakes you did?<br/>The poor development was: <br/>1.The first 30% of the book was utter B.O.R.E.D.O.M.E.! You have to force yourself through it. I mean, if I buy a book about travelling back in time I can’t wait for it to happen! She makes you wait 115 pages!!! You get a vague hint it will happen, but no real action until page 116. To me it was such a waste; also because this overlong introduction is so dull, is just everyday activities, boring boyfriend presentation, and work related stuff! She should have cut this part in half, or her editor should have!<br/>2.Once she gets in the past, it is all a minor, minor part of the story. I did expect some old good bottom line where you think you needed to change everything and then rediscovered yourself, but this book was totally shifted on present-day Charlotte, I wanted to know Lottie more, explore a little more her life… and I don’t say change it completely but at least SOMETHING!!! I mean there are so many useless part in the book, like I felt 60% of it was about her job, that she could have explored and developed the main plot, i.e. travelling back in time and advising yourself, so much more! And here we get to reason number three and why the stars of this book dropped dramatically. <br/>3.REASON THREE IS A SPOILER… DON’T GO FURTHER IF YOU STILL WANT TO READ THE BOOK!! <spoiler> Ok this one was so bad it infuriated me. What is the point of writing a book, and supposedly, a happy, easy, funny book, as chick-lit should be for definition, and then drop this on the reader: when you are approaching the end of the book, you discover that the heroin in her youth becomes pregnant after a bad one-night stand and then decides to have an abortion. Already sad enough. But then the Author makes the story go down in the same way twice?? Is she crazy? Already she didn’t change one thing of the past, and this was disappointing and unexciting enough, but this one she should have changed!! Does anyone agree with me? </spoiler> <br/>