eAudiobooks Help and FAQs

Buying an eAudiobook is simple and quick, but if this is your first eAudiobook purchase and you are unsure what’s involved, don’t worry, let us help you through the process.

When you purchase an eAudiobook, you’ll receive the download link almost immediately, you can download the link from the order confirmation page, from the link in the email we’ll send you or from within My Account – eAudiobook Library. You can download your eAudiobook a maximum of 5 times and the link is valid for a year from the data of purchase.



How to download your eAudiobook

When you receive the download link, click on this and it will re-direct to My Digital Downloader, this application will help you manage the download process. The guides below provide step by step instructions of what you’ll need to do to enjoy your eAudiobook on the device of your choice.  Your eAudiobook will need to be downloaded via MDD to a desktop pc first and then it can be transfered to your mobile device

My Digital Downloader instructions for Windows PC’s
My Digital Downloader instructions for MAC’s

What is eAudio?

Books are often available as a spoken word version, either on cassette, cd, or as downloadable files. eAudio specific is the downloadable version. They are made available as a collection of MP3’s, packaged together in a zip file for ease of delivery.

What Formats are eAudio available in?

We provide our eAudio range in the MP3 format. The MP3 format is a standard for downloadable audio, and benefits from near complete device compatibility.

What Devices can I Play eAudio on?

Nearly every audio device currently available is able to play audio in the MP3 format. These include devices such as smart phones, tablets, MP3 players, including in-car entertainment systems from nearly every manufacturer including Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, HTC, Sony etc.

Do I need any Special Software?

No, not normally. As MP3 is a universal standard, nearly all music or audio software will play eAudio as standard. If your device or normal audio software/app does not play MP3’s, there will certainly be a wide choice of freely available software from the app stores of your preferred device.

Is there any Digital Rights Management(DRM)?

No. Our eAudio range is made available completely DRM free for maximum compatibility.

How many MP3 files make up an eAudio title?

This will vary from title to title and publisher to publisher. It can vary from 1 file, covering the whole book, to a separate file for each chapter. Some titles may have individual MP3 files for timed sections of the book, i.e. a file for every 5 minutes of reading.

What is My Digital Downloader?

This is a service designed to offer you the choice between a managed download of the individual MP3 files that make up a book, or the complete download of a zipped file containing all of the same titles in a single delivery. The My Digital Downloader web site offers you two download choices - to the app or to zip. Once downloaded you will be able to transfer to a mobile device.  Due to the file size of  eAudiobooks we do not currently support download direct to a mobile device.

Which download method should I choose?

This depends on how comfortable you feel about downloading and managing zip files containing eAudio. If you are familiar with opening, and extracting files from zip files, then feel free to use this method. If you do not feel that comfortable with zip files, or would prefer to have us manage the download of your eAudio, then choose this option.

What devices are compatible with the My Digital Downloader App?

Any desktop or laptop that uses either Microsoft Windows or MAC OS.

Why do you offer Download to desktop or laptop device only with the My Digital Downloader app?

eAudio titles can be very large. Because of this, most customers prefer to download eAudio to a device where storage space limitations, or internet connections are not an issue. You can then transfer your downloaded content from here to the device of your choice.

Can I play my eAudiobook on My Digital Downloader?

No, My Digital Downloader, helps download and manage eAudiobook files, once downloaded you can either listen on your desktop or transfer to the device of your choice.

Where will I find my eAudiobook on my Apple device?

As these are MP3 files, you should find them in the ‘music’ folder in iTunes.

How many times can eAudiobooks be downloaded?

You can download eAudiobooks a maximum of 5 times, but once downloaded you can easily transfer from one device to another. The download link is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Can eAudiobooks be returned?

Yes, as long as you haven’t downloaded the file, eAudiobooks can be cancelled and refunded. However once downloaded, unless there is a problem with the content or quality of the file, it is not possible to cancel or refund your purchase.

I have deleted the email with the download link, how can I download it?

Don’t worry, log into My Account, go to eAudiobook Library, and you’ll find a list of all your eAudiobook orders with the download link.

Can I buy multiple eAudiobooks at the same time?

Yes, no problem you can buy as many different titles as you like, as you’ll receive a separate link for each title ordered. You can’t however, buy multiple copies of the same eAudiobook.

I’m having a problem downloading an eAudiobook, who do I contact?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. If you’ve read the relevant download instructions and still have a problem, email customerservice@hive.co.uk with details of:

  • Hive order number
  • eAudiobook ISBN or title
  • A clear description of the problem
  • Details of any error messages
  • The device that you are trying to download or move the eAudiobook to

Your query will be passed on to our technical team who will contact you by email to resolve the problem.



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