My Name is Memory, Paperback Book
3 out of 5 (3 ratings)


Daniel tells me that he's always loved me. That I feel the same. That I always have. Not just in this life, but in my last life, and all my lives before.

But I don't remember him. He says he is always searching for me. Always hoping that one day I will remember. But it is only he that carries the memory of our love. I know that finding true love is never easy. Perhaps you have fought for it. Perhaps, like Daniel, you have endured the pain of it being unrequited.

But I hope your quest ends happily. I hope you never have to face the heartbreak that inevitably awaits us. This is our extraordinary, unforgettable story.


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What would happen if there were some people in the world who could remember their past lives, who reincarnated and kept their memories, who created caches of items for later? This is the concept of this book. Lucy is discomforted when Daniel approaches her and tells her that they've known each other before and that he has loved her over lifetimes. She feels that this is not real, a symptom of a deeplying wrongness that she feels about him. The book tells the story of his love over time and her exploration of some of the past. Other people they've encountered over the years also make an appearance.I liked it up to the end, the end left me feeling kinda cheated and was pretty much sequel bait. Up to that moment the book was 4/5 but that ending just didn't make me happy. An interesting take on the concept of immortality.

Review by

A really enjoyable read. The writing flowed easily (well edited too), the story-telling was engrossing, and without spoiling the plot, the explanations of certain aspects worked well; it wasn't too hard to believe. Certain characters were very well developed and others barely, but I assume these will be addressed in the sequel(s). Certain scenes from this will stick in my mind; this was a story well told. I'm very much looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

Review by

I don't understand what the point of this book is. There was no substance to anything that happened, the characters were flat, the idea was good but the execution was horrible. I should've known from the cover that this wouldn't be a great read.