Red Star Rising : More Chronicles Of Pern, Paperback Book

Red Star Rising : More Chronicles Of Pern Paperback

Part of the The Dragon Books series

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For two hundred years there had been peace on Pern - but now the signs were ominous.

Violent weather storms and erupting volcanos heralded the coming of the second Pass of Thread, when the red planet would rain down its horrifying harvest which destroyed every living organism on the face of Pern.

No human or dragon or animal or plant was safe from the hideous death inflicted by Thread. Weyrs and Holds tried to prepare, but they had serious problems.

Over the generations much of the old technology had been lost.

AIVAS, the giant information bank, was buried under tons of volcanic ash, and valuable and skilled men and women had succumbed to disease and old age, taking with them the knowledge of a great civilization. They had to prepare as best they could, training the great flights of dragons and ensuring that the Lord Holders did their part by protecting their people in every possible way.

Only Lord Chalkin, Holder of Bitra, refused to co-operate.

He did not believe in Threadfall. It was a plot of the Weyrs to gain ascendancy over the Holds.

He would do nothing to protect Bitra or its people. The Lord Holders and Weyrleaders were of one accord.

Chalkin must be impeached and removed from his lands if the planet was to be made safe.


  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 416 pages
  • Publisher: Transworld Publishers Ltd
  • Publication Date:
  • Category: Science fiction
  • ISBN: 9780552142724

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This is subtitled <i>The Second Chronicles of Pern</i>, so I assumed that, like the <i>The Chronicles of Pern : First Fall</i>, it was a collection of short stories. It is actually a novel (known in the US as <i>Dragonseye</i>), and I found this was one of the rare Pern novels I hadn't read before - so all's well. Both Chronicles fill in the gap between the stories of the original colonists from Earth and the later Pernese of Moreta's and then Lessa's times.<i>Red Star Rising</i> is the story, told (in the third person) from the viewpoints of different characters, of the time when the colonists - now living in the northern hemisphere, know that the red planet, which brings the parasite Thread with it, is once again approaching Pern (the second time in their history). The original technology brought from Earth is finally failing, and they have to use their ingenuity to find alternatives; but dragons and dragon riders are now a firmly established facet of their society. Unlike the stories later in the chronology, the people of Pern do know about the original colonists, and pay heed to the stories of the renewed threat from the skies.This is the story of how they set the traditions for the generations to come, of how to deal with the threat of Thread, of how to teach and spread knowledge without computers and printouts. I think the US title, <i>Dragonseye</i> refers to what are called the Starstones in other stories; the sculptures (for want of a better word) that are conceived of and set in place in this novel, that warn of the approach of the Red Star.

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