The Slap, Paperback Book
3 out of 5 (6 ratings)


At a suburban barbecue one afternoon, a man slaps an unruly boy.

The boy is not his son. It is a single act of violence, but this one slap reverberates through the lives of everyone who witnesses it happen.




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A thought-provoking premise which disappointed - despite the story being told by eight different characters, all but one were unsympathetic, which wouldn't in itself be a problem if it weren't for the relentless crudity, misogyny, casual racism and barely suppressed rage exhibited by almost all of them. I think it merits two stars because despite recoiling from most of those involved, the story did carry me along and I read it very quickly to the end.

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Depressing and soul-destroying. Just awful. I'm no prude and don't mind profanity, extra-marital sex and drugs in the books I read. Really, I don't. But none of it seemed to serve any purpose here.Oh, and the writing wasn't very good either.No thanks, Mr. Tsiolkas.

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I wanted to read this after all the hype I heard about it being so contoversial,"whose side would you be on" and all that sort of stuff, and boy was I disappointed! I couldn't connect with any of the characters at all, they were all without exception self centered, rascist, opinionated unpleasant people.I suppose it is one of those things that you either take one side or the other! I don't think he deserved a slap, but I wouldn't have gone to the extremes that Rosie and Gary went to either. It didn't help the little boy, it blew apart friendships and came to a pathetic conclusion for everyone.It really just showed a modern, materialistic, self absorbed way of life that exists nowadays.

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Brilliantly written, a very good novel indeed. One can see and hear the characters, their setting, their problems and their relationships. More like this please!

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An exceptional book, it captures the reader and the milieu of its characters, one really does know them and their feelings. One of the best pieces of sustained writing I've encountered this year.

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