Buffy Omnibus Volume 3, Paperback Book

Buffy Omnibus Volume 3 Paperback

3 out of 5 (5 ratings)


  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 302 pages, chiefly Illustrations
  • Publisher: Dark Horse Comics,U.S.
  • Publication Date:
  • Category: Horror & ghost stories
  • ISBN: 9781593078850



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Review by

Not as big a fan of this omnibus but that's likely because it is far less tied to the mythology, voice, and tone of the series than the first two collections. Both the art and the writing are a little subpar. I understand the reasoning for it. While this is the third omnibus, it is the first collection focused on the early issues of the series. The comic book wasn't very interconnected with the series at the time and had very little access to the writers (and the top artists) of the time. I expect it will get better with later collections.

Review by

Ouch. This is painfully bad. I wondered, at first, why Dark Horse chose to collect their <i>Buffy the Vampire Slayer</i> comic books in chronological order, as opposed to collecting them by publication date. But the answer becomes clear in volume 3, which gives readers Dark Horse's earliest experiments in an ongoing <i>Buffy</i> comic... And they are <i>bad</i>. No wonder Dark Horse didn't want to start the omnibus editions off with such duds as <i>Wu-Tang Fang</i> (offensive and pointless!) and the woefully bland <i>Halloween/Cold Turkey</i>. This volume is marred by mediocre writing - lame "cartoonish" plots, inconsistent characterization, <i>painful</i> attempts at "wit" and "humour" and absolutely no feel for the characters or world of the television series. The result is basically unreadable. To prove how unreadable it is, here is an example of the dialogue, taken from <i>White Christmas</i>:<i>"I knew there was trouble when Buffy wasn't home--after we told her we'd pick her up at eight.""You were right to warn me, even if you were already on the way to the dance."</i> (p. 104)This sort of clunky exposition would be poor in an <i>Archie</i> cartoon, in an expensive graphic novel its downright insulting!The artwork by Hector Gomez is so sub-par it's not even funny. I've already mentioned in my review for volume 2 that it looks as though he's never watched an episode of the show, and by volume 3 it has yet to improve. The characters are completely unrecognizable, the pencils are rushed and sloppy, and coupled with the poor writing, there really is no reason to suffer through this collection.If there are any exceptions to the overall poor quality of this volume, they would be Christian Zanier and Cliff Richards' artwork in the last few stories. Christian Zanier draws an absolutely perfect <i>Buffy</i>, capturing Sarah Michelle Gellar's facial expressions and body language perfectly (why can't we have him illustrating the <i>Season Eight</i> comics?) Cliff Richards pencils are also of consistently good quality, but not enough to offset how bad everything else is around them. Honestly, overall this collection is not worth the money spent, or the time it takes to read it. If you must own a copy, flip to <i>Food Chain</i> and admire Zanier's illustrations, then blissfully ignore the rest.

Review by

Outside of the way the look of the characters change from issue to issue (and in some cases page to page), the stories continue to entertain, adding to the tales from the television series - mainly focused around season 3.

Review by

Pretty much all the issues in this TPB Omnibus take place in the third season. Oz is there, Angel is sometimes there, and Xander and Cordelia actually talk to each other. Unfortunately the third season wasn't my favorite season by a long shot (four, five, even the iffy sixth season are above three on my favorite list). So-- that was a bummer, but, the comics and the stories surprised me in that I liked them a bit more than even the show. The writers even got the characterization pretty close to being right.The art also seemed to stabilize and each of the issues looked at least somewhat like the last so that was nice.

Review by

Mostly a series of one-shots, although a couple are connected, taking place in Season 3 of Buffy. The editor explains in the forward that these were written concurrently with the airing of said season, so the authors tried to keep most major elements from affecting that arc and having canon continuity be interrupted. The illustrations are good; most drawings resemble the actors quite well, although in the first few, Willow's hair is rather more brown than red. The stories are fun and in tune with the feel and dialogue of the show. They really feel like lost episodes, which is high praise. The final issue in the collection was the most enjoyable, featuring a frequently appearing 'villain' and a craze of high-priced evil troll dolls called "Hooligans."