Oath Of Fealty : Paladin's Legacy: Book One, Paperback Book

Oath Of Fealty : Paladin's Legacy: Book One Paperback

Part of the Paladin's Legacy series

4 out of 5 (3 ratings)


A death has made Kieri Phelan king of Lyona. Here humans and elves live in uneasy peace, united only by their failure to see the dangers at their borders.

Harmony has never been more important - or elusive. But will Kieri's soldier background allow him to navigate these difficult politics? And can he awaken the powers his mixed blood confers?An older evil also threatens, affecting not just Lyona but all surrounding kingships.

The Verrakai family has been practicing forbidden blood magic for generations, and its scions are becoming bold.

When they infiltrate a foreign court and assassinate key nobles, it's clear they must be controlled or eradicated.

Phelan will send Dorrin, the only Verrakai he can truly trust, on this mission.

She must overcome her abhorrence of the power that is her birthright and awaken her own hidden magic.

This will lead to secrets and a mystery that neither Phelan nor Dorrin could have anticipated.


  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 512 pages
  • Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group
  • Publication Date:
  • Category: Fantasy
  • ISBN: 9781841497679

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Review by

This book takes a little while to find it's stride in my opinion. That is because the story picks up basically the next day to the ending of the former series, but it is written 20 years later and the style and writing experience of the author shows through. It's a bit like going back to your school reunion but instead of finding everyone is 20 years older, they're all the same still.Once that has settled down - and it doesn't take that long, it's a nice transition into a new series, told from outside Paks' eyes (although she's still around at various times) as Phelan turns into King of Lyona, Dorrin fights against her traitorous family and so much more.It's a good old fantasy romp, unusually for book 1 in a series with several different voices and quite a lot of action and travel. Looking forward to more stories, especially with the various elements that have been set up for the books to come.

Review by

So what happened after Paks in the last book, and what happened to the characters who were with her? Kieri is now King of Lyona, and will have to come to terms with his Elvish background and the issue of heirs. Dorrin, the only Verrakai that Kieri that anyone thinks they can trust is going to have to come to terms with her legacies and the magic that flows in her veins.Yeah, the comments made by some that you can almost hear the dice roll is quite true but also these are really well thought out characters, full of flaws and reality, issues and experiences who often have to face up to a bad situation and choose between a rock and a hard place.We don't see much of Paks, but I really wished I had read this closer to the rest of the series, ah well, back to reading it I suppose.

Review by

Two neighbouring kingdoms, two kings both new to rule… the former mercenary leader, Duke Phelan, takes the Lyonyan throne to which he has been revealed the half-elven heir by the paladin, Paksannarion, while in Tsaia, crown prince Mikeli prepares for his own coronation; even before he is crowned, a coup is attempted and a threat to the entire realm’s stability is uncovered. Forced to place the entire Verrakai nobility under arrest for treason, his best choice to bring their lands under quick control is to appoint as the new duke, the only Verrakai family member he can trust; Phelan’s former Captain, Dorrin, an outcast Verrakai, reviled by her family for cowardice and weakness, after turning her back on their evil magery. She retains her own cohort for protection, while the rest of the former Duke’s mercenary army is signed over to Arculin, another familiar character with new power and fresh uncertainties in the face of their leader’s new loyalties; a contract to clear brigands from the countryside quickly seems to have a deeper and more menacing threat behind it.I enjoyed this detailed set up to the trilogy’s story arc, much as I did with <i>The Deed of Paksennarion</i> trilogy, from which this stems… for the first half of the book, characters are becoming accustomed to their new positions and status, discovering their strengths, those around them on whom they can rely, and the dangers that surround them; the pace – far from slow, but not plunging dervishly ahead, either – brings a sense of realism that those fantasy sagas which insist on peril or battle on every page simply don’t convey. Moon’s characters have <i>jobs</i> to do, and can’t be entertaining us all the damn time. I find the minutiae makes for engrossing reading, because the story is woven through it, emerging a little at a time, and the conjunction of all the main characters having new and important roles to play was a nicely balanced touch.This isn’t a stand-alone book; the story arc is clearly set up to play out over the three books, but already the tale is bubbling with honour, evil, magic, trials and temptations. I love Moon’s storytelling style, and can’t wait to read the next instalment.

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