Eat Your Heart Out : Why the Food Business is Bad for the Planet and Your Health, Paperback Book

Eat Your Heart Out : Why the Food Business is Bad for the Planet and Your Health Paperback

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Why is it...That almost all the processed foods we eat contain the same handful of ingredients?That these handful of ingredients are produced by only a handful of multi-nationals? That some cereals contain more salt per serving than a packet of crisps?That served with milk, sugar and raisins, some cardboard packets have been said to be more nutritious than the cereal they contain? That there are half the number of dairy farms in the UK than there were 10 years ago?That over the same period the turnover of the top 20 global dairy corporations has increased by 60%? That over 60% of all processed foods in Britain contain soya?That the UK government's Committee on the Toxicity of Food judged that eating soya could have hormone-disrupting effects? That in 1970, a hundred grams of an average chicken contained less than 9 grams of fat, but today it contains nearly 23 grams of fat?That the amount of protein in that chicken has fallen by more than 30%? That children aged 4-14 in the UK get 16-17% of their daily calories from processed sugars?That the World Health Organisation's recommended limit is 10%? That industrialised farming uses 50 times more energy than traditional farming?That livestock farming creates greater carbon emissions than all of global transport put together?That some salmon farmers dye their fish?That sugar could be as bad for you as tobacco?That you might have been better off eating butter rather than margarine all along?That industrial processing removes much of the nutritional value of the food it produces?That by changing our diets we could reduce cancers by a third?That corporations are shaping our bodies, our minds and the future of the planet? Eat Your Heat Out explains how big business took control of what we eat - and why so few of us even noticed.

Crossing the globe in search of agribusiness's darkest secrets, Felicity Lawrence uncovers some startling facts and stomach-churning figures.

Essential reading for anyone who cares about their health and our planet.


  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 352 pages
  • Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
  • Publication Date:
  • Category: Consumerism
  • ISBN: 9780141026015

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Review by

Essential reading for anyone with a social conscience or just if you want to be healthy. As with her previous book, "Not on the label", Felicity Lawrence manages to explain clearly the complex issues around how we produce the food we eat and the effects this has, not only on our bodies, but on people from Senegal to the Amazon, as well as on the planet. I don't think I had really understood what the term globalisation really meant until I read this book. Why isn't everybody talking about it?!

Review by

An interesting look at the food industry and how it's shaping what we eat. She divides it into several chapters, Cereals; Meat & Vegetables; Milk; Pigs; Sugar'; Fish and Tomatoes; Fats; Soya; Food for Tomorrow and looks at how big business have taken them over and how the smaller guy has been squeezed out of the system. Even the grants meant to help the farmer continue have been subverted and abused, along with the methods that have been used to ensure that the global corporations pay the least amount of tax as possible.Sometimes she does engage in hyperbole but I'm pretty sure she's trying to get the reader to question and check her assertions and possibly to do something about it. It reads more like a series of articles and the final chapter binding them together rather than a book, but the author is a journalist for the Guardian so it's to be expected.I found it a thought-provoking read and I would recommend it to many people.

Also by Felicity Lawrence