Autofiction, Paperback Book
4 out of 5 (2 ratings)


Rin is flying back from her honeymoon. She's madly in love with her husband, Shin, and the future looks rosy.

Then Shin disappears to the bathroom while he thinks Rin is sleeping and she starts to imagine that he has gone to seduce the flight attendant.

As her thoughts spiral out of control the phrase 'madly in love' takes on a more sinister meaning.

Prizewinning author Hitomi Kanehara's sensational novel, Autofiction, follows Rin's life backwards through time from this moment so that we see her when she is eighteen, sixteen and finally fifteen, and a picture of the dark heart and violent past of this disturbed young woman gradually develops.




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Rin sort of reminded me of myself, which is probably a bad thing. I don't mean that she acted the way that I would or engages in acts that I would, I mean that her thought progression reminds me of my own. Rin has a very split yet singular mind. What I mean is; she thinks about others to an extent that shes willing to put them before herself and because of that she ends up hating others because shes built up her idea of her connection to them to such an extreme point. But at the same time she's pretty selfish; and tends to think of her actions as sacrifices that she makes in order for her relationships to work, and how lucky the losers that she dates are the she even bothers to pay attention to them. Now I'm not really like that; because that would make me crazy, but I can understand the concept of a split or portioned mind. In a way I can relate to Rin even though shes crazy and has suicidal type thoughts that have never crossed my mind. I guess you could say this book had an impact on me. Not because I necessarily liked it, but because in a way I felt like I was reading about someone who could easily be me if I decided to go that direction with my life. That being said this review I'm sure is terrible and if anyone is actually reading it, they're thinking how emo I am but well I'm not scared of my feelings and this book happened to invoke them. On a different note, Hitomi Kanehara is a wonderfully thought provoking author and I urge others to read her books if they feel that they're up to it.

Review by

Autofiction is a combination of styles which combine autobiography and fiction and this book describes the thoughts and feelings of a recently married young Japanese woman and her burgeoning writing career. Her obsessive behaviour for her new husband is quite scary. Even contemplating killing an over-friendly stewardess on the return flight from their honeymoon. We then travel back in time over successive sections of the book to times in her life that might go some way to describe her current state of mind.Quite similar in feeling to a Ryu Murakami novel and if you combine something like Audition with Out (Natsuo Kirino) then you would probably get something like this. Powerful and disturbing but not an easy read despite its shortness of just over 200 pages.

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