Once Burned : A Night Prince Novel, Paperback Book

Once Burned : A Night Prince Novel Paperback

Part of the Night Prince series

4 out of 5 (41 ratings)


"An author who delivers only the best."-Romantic Times "Put Jeaniene Frost on your must-read list!"-Lara Adrian, New York Times bestselling authorSpinning off from her wildly successful, New York Times bestselling Night Huntress novels featuring vampire soulmates Cat and Bones, Jeaniene Frost kicks off the thrilling new Night Prince series with Once Burned.

Vlad Tepesh, the ruthless master vampire and inspiration for Bram Stoker's dark legend (but don't dare call him Dracula) encounters a mortal woman with unimaginable power... including the ability to enflame his cold heart. Paranormal romance and urban fantasy fans who hunger for the novels of Kim Harrison, Christine Feehan, and Charlaine Harris are going to love The Night Prince and this dark and steamy tale of supernatural attraction.


  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 384 pages
  • Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Inc
  • Publication Date:
  • Category: Romance
  • ISBN: 9780061783203

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Review by

Oh my Vlad!!!! I have loved this character, so deeply that I completely flipped when I found she was to creating a series solely for him. Once Burned started very differently from other Frost novels leaving me wondering if this story would have the splendor that every other Jeaniene Frost novel is known for. No longer than it took for this thought to process the pace of this novel took off like a bullet. While Leila and Vlad are no Cat and Bones this has started another incredible journey that Frost readers will be desperate to explore. Uncharacteristically to Frost Novels it appears love will be a struggle for the Night Prince novels. Fans will sympathize with Leila future battle to overcome Vlad memories and carefully constructed walls. This has also been the first human to have such incredibly unique powers, and I can wait to see if the future will hold a transformation for her as well. Like so many other times with Frost novels we are left in suspense til spring of 2013. I absolutely do not know how I will survive this time!

Review by

You would think that being electrocuted would be the worst thing that could happen to someone, but for Leila it was just the start of her problems. Now her body conducts electricity and she really can't touch people or electrical things without doing damage. And if she does manage to touch someone, she has visions of that persons past and sometime the future. So life pretty much sucks. She seeks refuge with carnival performers and finds a father figure in Marty, a vampire who can stand her touch so can perform acrobatics with her. When she accidently lets word of her ability to see the future slip out, she becomes the target of another vampire who wants to use her to locate his enemy, Vlad Tepesh. No really, the actual Prince himself. But Leila is able to communicate with Vlad and they form an alliance.Really don't want to say anything more. It is sort of complicated.I LOVED this book. I never thought I would say that about a book with a bare chested man on the cover, but I did. This is the beginning of the Night Prince series but it is part of the Night Huntress world so I need to go back and catch up on those because it seems that Vlad appears in those books too. This book is definitely paranormal romance, but Leila is a great character as well as Vlad who is, quite frankly, drool-worthy. There is plenty of action and just the right amount of sex for me which is about 2 really good romps. The next book is out in 2013.

Review by

Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyDracula and Frankenstein…the greatest love story never told? Could be, at least in the talented hands of Jeaniene Frost. To be fair, Frankie (aka Leila) isn’t Frankenstein’s Monster. She’s a young women who was struck by lightning and has lived with the scars (both mental and physical) and side effects ever since which include premonitions and the inability to touch anyone with out electrocuting them. When she’s abducted by vampires intent on using her abilities, she ends up aligning herself with Dracula.Having met Vlad in a previous Night Huntress World book, I’ve been anxiously looking forward to his full story. Jeaniene Frost writes unbelievably sexy and complicated vampires, and she didn’t hold back with Vlad. He has a well earned reputation as The Impaler and Frost doesn’t brush that away or really even soften his actions by giving him noble motives. He’s a seriously scary guy who know the threats surrounding him are real, and goes to great lengths to ensure the consequences for going against him are swift and brutal. Vlad’s not a monster. He doesn’t get off on torture, nor does he seek it out, but neither does he bat an eye at doling out his famous method of punishment when he sees fit (and he sees fit a lot).Finding a woman to complement a man like Vlad is a big order, yet once again Frost delivers in Leila. Neither too stubborn or reckless, she nonetheless holds her own with Vlad and it wasn’t hard to see why he thawed around her. Likewise, Leila’s interest in Vlad went well beyond his supernatural immunity to her touch. Chemistry and mutual respect built the groundwork for their romance…and a steamy premonition or two.ONCE BURNED might be the best book yet from Jeaniene Frost. Scintillating romance, provocative characters, and a supernatural world that just gets better as it gets bigger. My only complaint would be with the ending, since it really leaves all of the personal resolutions for the next book. However, when the story is a satisfying as this though, it’s worth the wait for the sequel. No details are available yet, but we can expect Night Prince #2 sometime in 2013.Sexual Content:Two graphic sex scenes

Review by

I am a huge Jeanine Frost fan and I have adored Vlad from the moment he was introduced into the Night Huntress world so I had some high hopes for this series. I loved the Cat and Bones stories and while her Night Huntress World spin off didn't live up to the original series they were still enjoyable. "Once Burned", and it pains me to say this, was disappointing.My first complaint is the biggest. The unique and original Vlad has turned into a bland any-vampire romance character. Seriously, I would never have realized this was the same character had his name not been the same. Then there was the story. While mildly entertaining, it was also slow moving and I never really felt a strong connection between Vlad and Leila. And I did really like Leila. Her unique abilities really worked in my opinion. She made the story readable. When the action was at the forefront of the book, the story was much more entertaining and enjoyable than when the romance was the focus. Again, I just never bought their romance. It was a lot of insta-love which was the exact opposite of the tension and attraction readers could feel sizzle on the page between Cat and Bones.The book took me way too long to get through. Unfortunately that usually signals that a book is slow moving and not very engrossing. While this isn't a bad book, it just doesn't live up to the standards Jeanine Frost has set for herself. This is a sub-par offering. I hope her follow up is stronger. I don't want to give up on Vlad but I just can't see how this introduction could lead to a strong spin off series.

Review by

This was another great paranormal romance from a master of the genre. Vlad Tepesh has been a recurring character in other books in this world but now he gets his own romance. When some vampires kidnap Leila to use her talents at touching an object and seeing the past, present, and future of the owner, she comes into mental contact with Vlad because he is the vampire her kidnappers are looking for.Vlad rescues her and takes her home with him. His ability to read her mind lets him know that she is a victim and not a lure. It takes a while for Leila to get used to the idea that Vlad can read her mind but she adjusts to it. Her experiences with touching others and knowing their most shameful secrets has made her more open to having her thoughts out there for him to see. Vlad is a very frightening hero. He doesn't hesitate to kill to protect those who are his people. He is also arrogant. Of course, he is also beautiful and one of the only people Leila can touch without killing. Her ability to know about objects wasn't the only result of being electrocuted when she touched a downed power line. She also is electrified herself. She can't touch anyone without electrocuting them. But Vlad's element is fire. Not only can he accept her touch, he revels in it. Together Vlad and Leila have to find out who arranged her kidnapping and who wants to kill Vlad. It was great watching the two of them develop a relationship. Despite his vast age and power, Leila is a match for him. She won't let him push her around and, unlike everyone else around him, he doesn't bow down to his commands. I can't wait until the next book in the series to find out more about Vlad and Leila.

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